We believe education is the answer.

CCF’s award-winning education program provides access to both formal and non-formal education to students from early-years learning to university.

The CCF Education Program is designed to serve as a foundation for lifelong learning, preparing students for the world beyond CCF by enabling them to demonstrate CCF core values of care, excellence, integrity, respect, leadership and teamwork.

The program has a strong focus on developing English, Khmer, mathematics, science, the arts and digital literacy skills; developing the ability to think independently and critically evaluate information; explore Cambodian culture and history, to develop a world-view and to think critically about their individual responsibility and their ability to bring about change.

As well as operating education facilities and satellite schools, CCF provides students with school uniforms, study materials and university fees and transportation. CCF works closely and directly with public schools, teachers and directors to ensure high attendance rates and academic results. With the construction of satellite schools, located in the heart of impoverished communities, CCF is providing a pathway to education for thousands of children once deemed “unreachable”.

CCF’s education program works with the Cambodian public school system, as we want our programs to assist the local system, not work outside of it. Our students spend half of each day attending public school, and they undertake special classes at CCF for the other half of the day. We even offer evening classes for students. We are working with the local public school to improve the quality of teaching and learning, by establishing ‘teacher resource rooms’ and facilitating teacher training programs.

CCF’s Comprehensive Education curriculum is taught at 10 different facilities, including the Neeson Cripps Academy and satellite schools that deliver education and support into the hardest to reach communities.

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Committed to Excellence – The Neeson Cripps Academy

The Neeson Cripps Academy (NCA) opened in February 2017 as the flagship of CCF’s Education Program. Providing impoverished Cambodian children with high quality education opportunities through enhanced learning spaces, new technologies and teacher training, it has a focus on STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), all within an environment conducive to critical thinking and gaining an understanding of the world.

Funded by Velcro Companies and designed by CookFox architects, the NCA is a landmark for education in the Southeast Asian region, introducing a new level of science and technology education in Cambodia. All high school students enrolled in CCF’s education program use the facility, and it serves as a teacher education centre and hub for the local community.

It’s a big step forward for an education approach that has already received international acclaim. The CCF Education Program was awarded a 2012 WISE Award as “one of the world’s best initiatives in innovative education”, recognising its “transformative impact on education and society”. CCF was the first organisation in South-East Asia to be awarded the prestigious prize.

The WISE Awards are designed to identify, showcase and promote innovative educational projects from all sectors and regions of the world to inspire change in education, with six awards given each year. Since 2009, just 24 projects have been recognised with a WISE Award from over 1,600 applications.

"The project is beginning the generations-long process of changing a culture from one that too often valued children as laborers to one that sees them as future leaders."

- 2012 WISE Awards, Qatar Foundation

The CCF Education Program

Key Education Program Initiatives

CCF Comprehensive Education

Our prep to year 12 program provides students with an award-winning education, focussing on classes not taught in public school, including STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) English, social studies and computer skills.

Cultural and Artistic Education

Empowering students in ancient and modern art forms.

Education Assistance Package

Giving children throughout Cambodia the opportunity to study. We work with local schools in the provinces, and provide support to the families of students in need, extending our education program without encouraging families to migrate to the city.

Public School Integration - General Education

Ensuring all children in Steung Meancey are able to receive a quality education at public school, and that children aren't kept away due to cost.

Public School Integration - Operation Rescue

Ensuring students that have missed years of schooling aren’t left behind, by providing tutors and extra classes.

Sport Activities

Making kids healthier and stronger through organised sports and play activities.

CCF External Education

Provides less fortunate children both formal and non-formal education at CCF through satellite school and public school. Additionally, their families are supported by CCF with debt-refinancing or small business loans to begin the journey to future financial independence.


Giving young learners a head start on their education journey. The Kindergarten Program at Cambodian Children’s Fund provides hundreds of children, aged three to six years old, with a safe place to learn before beginning their formal education.

Public School Improvement

Working with Steung Meanchey public school to create a model better education in Cambodia, by building teacher resource rooms and facilitating teacher training.

Satellite School

Providing an education to children once thought unreachable. CCF operates 6 satellite schools in the heart of impoverished communities, so students can walk to a quality education.

Life Skills Training

To give families of children at CCF a foundation for good parenting, with an understanding of basic health, hygiene and healthy living, enabling them to become role models in the community.