CCF’s kindergarten is a program for​​​​​​​​​​​ young children aged 3-6 years old, usually transitioning from CCF’s Nursery Program.

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A head start

At CCF we ensure that all students get the best opportunity for an education. To lay the best foundations, this has to start early. We provide a full day Kindergarten program for CCF’s youngest students. Here, our students are nurtured and encouraged so that they develop good social skills and can start grade one fully prepared.


A safe space

Our Kindergarten doesn’t just provide an excellent early years education, but also provides a safe space for children who otherwise have nowhere to go while their parents are working. With no public school classes for children, before they reach Grade 1, young children have often left home alone or on the streets while their parents are working. Providing a full-time program in our two kindergartens ensures that children are kept safe and secure.

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Our curriculum

Our Kindergarten students learn through play and instruction, with each class lasting twenty minutes. They have classes in Khmer and basic English, free drawing, arts and crafts, exercise, outdoor play, and sensory play. Through the CCF program, every student gets lunch and healthy snacks everyday.

Help create a safe and caring environment for our little ones to grow

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