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Family & Community

If CCF children are to fully prosper, their families and their community must be properly supported. Our services reach not just our students, but into the heart of Steung Meanchey itself.

Our Family & Community solutions



The CCF nursery is a safe haven for young children who otherwise have nowhere to go but the streets when their parents are working.

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Medical Clinic

We run Cambodia's only free to access medical clinic, open to all patients in Steung Meanchey. This is a lifeline for those unable to afford basic medical care.


Foster care

At-risk children with no other alternatives can be placed with safe loving families within CCF's World Housing Villages.


Emergency assistance

When disasters like fires and floods strike, those who have little lose everything. CCF provides much needed support for all families facing emergency.

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Community awareness and training

A lack of education and economic opportunities leads to problems within households. Through this program, parents learn practical skills from our community outreach team in one-on-one and group sessions.

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Financial stability

Many families are driven to Steung Meanchey from their homelands by debt. When trapped in impossible debt, a CCF refinancing loan alleviates financial hardships.

We help upwards of 12,000 people in the community


Annual consultations and treatments at CCF's Medical Clinic


No mothers have died due to child birth in over 1,300 births as part of our Maternal Care Program


children placed with foster care families

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The standards of health care and pastoral supervision have been internationally recognized as exceptional, and the success of the of the educational program is extraordinary.

— Lord Rowen Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury

How we're ending poverty

Cambodian Children’s Fund empowers kids living in one of Cambodia’s most impoverished communities to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

These are the solutions that make it all possible.