Higher Education

From vocational training opportunities to university scholarships, we provide pathways to higher learning and ultimately employment.

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The road ahead

Being in operation since 2004, CCF is now seeing a generation of students graduating high school and looking towards their futures. A major milestone in CCF’s history, these young adults who grew up on a garbage dump with no hope of an education or a way out of their generational poverty, are about to enter the workforce and start their career. For a significant number of these students, their future goals also include a university degree.


Financing their pathway

We are committed to ensuring that our students will not face any financial barrier to attending university. For children who grew up in extreme poverty the high cost makes attendance impossible. CCF high school students are given career and university counselling so they are aware of educational pathways available to them, and what grades will be expected for entrance. If students gain a place at a Cambodian university CCF are committed to supporting their continued access to education.

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Giving back

In order to remain eligible for a university scholarship, we only ask that students remain committed to being role models to their community. Over three years, each high school student must volunteer at least two hours of community service each week within the Leadership program in order to gain their university scholarship.

Our leadership program transforms students from being beneficiaries to being benefactors. We don’t just want young adults to leave CCF with the ability to look after themselves – we want them to be passionate, engaged young leaders who care for their community and their country.

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Vocational training

The goal is that every child in the region will have access to the highest quality education and the skills and opportunity to pursue a career. University studies isn’t for everyone, and while more and more CCF young adults are going to university, CCF also partners with local organisations to provide vocational training opportunities.