Our solutions

Basic needs

Food, water, and shelter are essentials to everyday life, but many families in our community live without them. This makes kids sick, stunts their development, and keeps them out of school.

Our Basic Needs solutions



We provide free meals to students during the day and Cambodian staple foods to families who are committed to their child’s attendance in the classroom.

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Clean water

To help our community avoid sickness and disease from unsafe drinking water, we provide clean water to the entire community at each satellite school.



We partner with Canadian-based World Housing to support families in need with safe places to raise their children.

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Investing in the most basic needs of a child’s well-being


Kgs of rice distributed to community annually


people accessing clean water every week


World Housing homes built in the community

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The whole time I was volunteering at CCF, I felt like the needs of the children and community members were always put first, and that was clear every time I was in the thriving community.

— Ashleigh, CCF Volunteer

How we're ending poverty

Cambodian Children’s Fund empowers kids living in one of Cambodia’s most impoverished communities to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

These are the solutions that make it all possible.