Ways to give

Gifts in-kind

In-kind donations of goods, services or time help us reduce our costs. Tangible goods can include things like equipment and supplies and intangible items such as advertising are also very helpful.

In most cases, CCF is unable to accept individual donations of items such as clothing, shoes and toys.

The cost for donors to send these items and for CCF to process Cambodian customs, sort and distribute these types of donations is almost always greater than the cost of purchasing them locally in Phnom Penh.

Where possible, CCF prefers to purchase items locally. In this way, we are contributing to the growth of the Cambodian economy, creating local jobs, and making the country less dependent on foreign imports and foreign aid.

While we are grateful to be considered as recipients, we invite you to donate your stuffed animals, toys and clothing to an organization or shelter in your community that can distribute them in an effective and meaningful way.

Please note that shipping of any size in-kind donation is the responsibility of the donor. Shipping should be handled via air freight (Fedex or DHL) or shipping container. The donor assumes all responsibility for packing, shipping invoices, documentation, shipping costs and any applicable tariffs and fees.

For contact or shipping address information, please contact Hem Len: [email protected]

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Bikes4Life visit CCF

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