Child Protection Unit

Protecting those who cannot protect themselves

CCF's Child Protection Unit provides a variety of services to child victims including; victim aftercare, legal representation of child victims, investigative support and resources, major crime coordination, training and capacity building to detect offences and prosecute those that commit horrific crimes against children.

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Child Protection Unit

Within every society, there are few priorities greater than the protection of its children. The CPU has made real change in the national approach to child abuse and ensures all serious crimes committed against children are now investigated with the use of crime scene investigators.

Working with the Cambodian National Police - not around them - has meant the CPU model has been effective in the most under-resourced and remote locations with remarkable cost-effectiveness.


Arrest Rate - conducting in excess of 2,617 investigations, leading to 1,998 arrests


Police officers and CPU staff trained in a variety of courses


Policewomen trained in specialist child interview techniques

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Improving the quality of Cambodia’s rule of law

The CPU is the first NGO to introduce standard forensic tests such as Luminol, human blood reagents and semen testing kits into Cambodia, as well as providing expert training in their uses - this has provided corroborating evidence of the child’s testimony leading to a high percentage of arrests and successful prosecutions.

As a result the CPU has disrupted the sense of impunity felt towards serious abuses of children.

Help us continue this important work across Cambodia

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We won’t rest or stop our search operation until we arrest the perpetrator.

— James McCabe, CPU Director of Operations
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Training and capacity building

The CPU works closely with UK child crimes specialists who deliver customised training courses for Cambodian police officers.

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Policing forums and network development

The CPU hosts forums and symposiums to bring international experts to explore such areas as homicide investigation best practices or the use of taped evidence in the judiciary process.

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International partnerships and promotion

November 2018, CPU Director of Operations, James McCabe, was asked to join the Interpol Specialist Group on Crimes Against Children held in Singapore. The CPU was requested to make a presentation on the successes and achievements and how the unit has evolved to be at the forefront of fighting serious child crimes being committed in Cambodia and South East Asia.


Internet Crimes Against Children

October 2019, the Commissioner-General of the Cambodian National Police formerly approved the CPU to establish a permanent ICAC – Internet Crimes Against Children - strike force to combat internet-based crimes committed against children.