Primary School

The public education system in Cambodia offers half-day programming, six days a week. While supporting children in accessing the Public School curriculum, CCF also offers a half-day education program at our own community based schools so that the young learners receive a full-time education.


Barriers to education

The financial hardship of families is often the main obstacle preventing children from receiving an education. Parents simply cannot afford to lose a source of income by having their kids stop working. Even inaccessibility to transportation is enough to keep a kid out of the classroom when money is tight.

Mission edu

Access to education

In 2007 CCF started constructing schools in the heart of the community that operate as 'satellite' facilities of CCF’s main Community Centre, so children can easily access a quality education while living at home. Over 740 primary school students attend classes at CCF’s Satellite Schools.


Operation Rescue

For those students who have fallen behind in their education and are commencing school at an older age, they can catch up with the Operation Rescue program which assists these students so they can graduate at an appropriate age by combining two years of primary school study into one.

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