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Sponsor a child

Learn more about life in Cambodia, celebrate birthdays and achievements together, and create a life-long bond. When you sponsor a child, your family grows a little larger.

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A unique sponsorship experience

With big smiles and even bigger hearts, these kids are hungry to learn, eager to pass on their knowledge, and ready to chase their dreams. You can help them get there.

Sponsorship gives a child in need a chance to build a unique relationship with someone who believes in them. To provide the same level of care for every child in our community, your monthly contribution will go to a general fund. This will help families with everything they need to meet their basic needs and make school a top priority.



Age: 10

Noch is a good student who goes to school regularly. She enjoys eating cake and Khmer food, and her favorite colors are red and blue. She loves watching cartoon and doing housework whenever she has free time.



Age: 13

Samay is an attentive student who dreams to work in a big enterprise. He likes helping his parents with housework in his spare time. His favorite colors are blue, white and black. He enjoys eating pork and chicken.

Maly 01


Age: 8

Maly wants to be a teacher and that is why she studies hard. She likes playing with her friends and drawing pictures whenever she has free time. She enjoys eating fried eggs.



Age: 7

Yaroth is a good student who goes to school regularly. He likes playing with his friends in his free time. As he is still young, he doesn’t know what he wants to be yet when he grows up.



Age: 9

Sothi is a hard-working student in his class. He likes playing with his neighbor friends in his free time. He does not know what he wants to do yet because he is still young.

Nakry 01


Age: 2

Nakry is in the Nursery Program. She is friendly and enjoys playing with her friends. She does not know what she wants to do yet because she is very young.

Sponsorship provides ongoing support to reach the most vulnerable of children

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Your commitment is vital

One-to-One Sponsorship

Our students only have one sponsor each; you. Every sponsor is a vital link in a child's family network and every sponsor will get to know their sponsor child through emails, Skype calls, and even visits. You will be a very important part of their lives and we know from experience that you will be a hugely positive influence on them.

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Nay Heang on the garbage dump in 20xx

Nay Heang at the CCF 2018 graduation ceremony


Nay Heang’s transformation

Over the last 10 years, Nay Heang went from scavenging through the garbage to graduating university. Her sponsor and the CCF team have been at her back, cheering her on the whole way.

Nay Heang moved with her sister to Steung Meanchey to scavenge at only 9 years old. After a chance meeting with Scott on the dumpsite, they were finally able to make it to the classroom. That was just the beginning of the remarkable story of a remarkable young woman.

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Support a granny

Grannies hold our community together by passing on traditions, mentoring students, and raising kids who have no one else. When you support a granny, everyone benefits.