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We have more than 450 staff members with the majority focused on running the projects on the ground in Cambodia. We're proud to say 97% of our staff are Cambodian.

Development Director


With the passion of shaping our world to be a better place, Catherine works with supporters on the ground in Hong Kong to improve the lives of children and families in the most impoverished parts of Cambodia. With a background in the jewellery industry, she was involved with the development of a local auction house and a top-tier diamond manufacturer. After a trip to Cambodia, and going through family major surgical operations, she believes that no matter what we do, it has an impact on others, either positive or negative, the choice is in our hands. A professional jeweller, she transforms her knowledge and experiences for the development of CCF HK. Catherine is responsible for our corporate partners, child sponsors, donors and CCF supporters.

Administration Support


María joined the CCF HK team in May 2021, and her primary support is in Operations and Reporting. María is a Chilean professional who studied Business Administration and holds a Master's in Management Science (MScM – MPP) from Peking University. She possesses 10+years' experience in management, business development, and public policy for B2B and B2C organizations in the public and private sectors. During her time in China and Hong Kong SAR, she has collaborated with UNOSSC while in FCSSC and GEIDCO. Maria speaks several languages: Spanish (Native), English (Fluent), and Mandarin (Limited working proficiency, HSK4)

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Chief Operating Officer

Lach Savy

Savy was Operations Manager at CCF before leaving to join Aide et Action International (AEAI) as Regional Director Southeast Asia & China, later rising to Deputy Chief Executive Officer. At AEAI, he led global strategic planning and execution, and program development working with institutional donors such as the European Union, French Development Agency, and the United Nations. Savy brings a wealth of experience to CCF, with 22 years within the private sector and civil society institutions, and a track record in leadership and senior management roles. Savy holds a Master Degree (MBA) and Bachelor degree in Accounting.

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Development Director

Elspeth Gilfillan

Elspeth is the Director of Development for CCF UK. She is a fundraiser and philanthropy consultant with 20 years experience, having worked at UK national charities including the NSPCC, Cancer Research UK and Fields in Trust, and also at her alma mater, the University of Nottingham. Elspeth lives in Yorkshire, UK, with her partner and their much-loved dogs, and is passionate about supporting and working for causes where philanthropy has the greatest impact.

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Administrative Support

Daisy Rowland

Daisy contributes to the day-to-day running of the UK office, looks after UK-based donors and sponsors, and assists in fundraising activities, as well as managing all administrative duties.

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Country Manager

Kram Sok Channoeurn

Noeurn was the first employee at CCF and has been heading up the organisation ever since. As Country Manager, she oversees all in-country programs and projects.

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Head of Finance

Morm Sopheak

Sopheak has over 20 years of financial experience, working with reputable international NGOs in Cambodia and Laos. Today, he heads up CCF’s Finance Department and is also part of our Operations Committee.

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Senior HR and Admin Manager

Yim Yaren

Yaren is CCF’s Senior HR and Admin Manager. With a distinguished 20-year career in leadership and management positions in numerous NGOs in Cambodia, Yaren oversees CCF's HR and admin procedures, as well as day-to-day and strategic operations. Yaren’s background is in medicine, and he has previously managed NGO programs in health and nutrition across Cambodia.

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Senior Donor Relations and Development Manager

Cath Downes

Cath brings to CCF her experience from the charity sector in Australia. She understands the important role each donor plays in the organisation and is employed at CCF as Senior Donor Relations and Development Manager.

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Senior Sponsorship Program Manager

Rubina Jacob

Rubina is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience holding managerial roles in various companies including CNBC, Cisco Systems and Bloomberg. She has a Master's degree in International Relations and Business Management. She moved from Toronto in early 2018 to take on new challenges, and work at CCF.

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Grants & Marketing Manager

Nicky Ward

Working closely with the Programs teams, Nicky manages the many elements that go into grant applications - including research and in depth reporting for all CCF grants and partner proposals - and marketing content.

Education and Leadership Program Manager

Kram Sok Channin

Channin started at CCF in 2004. With an extensive background in English language teaching and education management, she is CCF’s Education and Leadership Program Manager.

Deth Sereivuth Doctor
Healthcare Manager

Dr Deth Sereivuth

Dr Vuth is an experienced cardiologist who works at CCF as our Healthcare Manager, ensuring that the people of Steung Meanchey can access quality healthcare. He manages CCF’s busy outpatient clinic, as well as overseeing the maternal care program, dental clinic, critical nutrition program, infacility childcare, and all hospital referrals. Dr Vuth trained in cardiology and paediatrics in Vietnam and Australia, and has worked at CCF since 2015.

Youth Development Program Manager

Yeang Sethsamprathna

Prathna is a young professional with extensive background in community, social and human development experiences across Cambodia and Southeast Asia region. He is well-known for his contributions to the youth development in Cambodia through the role on the United Nations Joint Program on Youth Employment Steering Committee, three-year tenure as an active advisory member of the United Nations Youth Advisory Panel and mentoring and coaching youth-led project initiatives. Before joining CCF, Prathna was in the field of marketing communication, public relations, SRHR, gender and peacebuilding with various local and international organizations.

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Family Assistance Supervisor

Tep Moeun

Moeun has been working with CCF since 2008. As Family Assistance Supervisor, he works with community members to provide for the social well being of families and children. Moeun oversees the provision of emergency assistance support, responds to community concerns and issues, represents the community to the CCF management team, and helps build the CCF approach for community development.

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Counseling Unit Supervisor

Meng Dara

Dara has been working at CCF since 2013. As the Counseling Unit Supervisor, he is responsible for CCF's counseling program, ensuring that all students, staff, and community members have access to psychological services when they need them. Dara has a degree in Psychology from the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

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Residential Facilities Manager

Ly Sophea

As Residential Facilities Manager, Sophea provides essential guidance for facility managers, while also monitoring key administrative processes and coordinating collaboration between all residential facilities.

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Case Manager

Doeun Vuthea

Vuthea has been working at CCF since 2013. As CCF’s Case Manager, he works with students, their families, and the community to promote an awareness and understanding of human rights, action against domestic violence, and provides legal advice and support. Vuthea manages our internal case management system and collaborates with relevant authorities on CCF’s behalf. He is currently undertaking a PhD in Public Law.

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Sponsor Communication Manager

Seng Sambona

Bona has been an integral part of CCF since 2008 with the Sponsorship Department. First as a Sponsor Relations Officer and now as a Senior Communications Coordinator. Passionate about children and CCF, Bona ensures high-quality sponsor engagement is maintained with sponsors and CCF supporters.

CCF Community Centre Manager

Ngoy Hen

Hen works closely with a wide variety of departments to ensure the CCF Community Centre and associated outreach programs, satellite schools and live-in facilities are managed and supported appropriately.

Child Protection Manager

Nhem Rithy

Rithy works with all CCF staff and visitor groups to ensure they are properly trained and compliant with CCF’s Child Protection Policy.

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Internal Auditor

Keo Sidanin

With many years experience in finance and internal auditing, Sidanin monitors CCF’s internal processes and procedures to ensure we are compliant to the highest of standards and operating efficiently.

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Office Manager

Nicky Cummins

Nicky is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Sydney office and assists donors, and supporters who are fundraising.

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U.S. Donor Relations and Office Manager

Andréa Zenewitz

Andréa and team are responsible for all donor and sponsor relations in the U.S. They are here to answer any of your questions.

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US Sponsorship Manager and Development Associate

Liz Theriault

Liz manages sponsorship relationships in the U.S office, as well as assisting in donor relations and day-to-day office operations.

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Development and Partnerships

Isabella Neal-Shaw

Bella is responsible for development and partnerships, looking for new funding opportunities for CCF within Australia.

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Sponsorship and Donor Relations Officer

Olivia Pigeot

Olivia looks after our sponsor and regular donors as well as assisting with events and the day to day running of the Australian office.

Key Staff