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CCF’s aim is to transform impoverished kids into passionate, engaged young leaders who will work to transform their own communities and country.

Our leadership solutions

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Leadership training

The Leadership training aims to prepare a generation of confident young people who can make a difference, unlocking the leadership potential of some of Steung Meanchey’s most vulnerable preteen and teen youth. The program provides more than 900 students with an understanding of governance, human rights, gender rights, empathy, community building and key qualities of leadership such as team work, decision making and communication .

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Community volunteer work

Leadership isn’t a buzz-word for our students, it’s at the core of what we do. The program aims to motivate students to become models of social change in their communities. Because we’re dedicated to provide cohesive care, all the leadership activities are integrated with our other programs. CCF leaders teach younger students, feed malnourished community children, visit the homes of those in need and care for the elderly.

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Granny Program

CCF took the responsibility to ensure that the most impoverished grannies receive care, where the youth leaders are charged with the care of the grandmothers. Unlike many parents here, the grandparents remember the traditional Khmer customs, family values and community responsibility. Each visit provides our youth with a greater insight into Khmer culture, a much-needed bridge to instill Khmer wisdom and values into the new generation.

Sponsor a Granny

Students participating in training and leadership events in 2023


Meals distributed to hungry children in the community by the youth leaders in 2023


Grannies supported in the community

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There is a clear sense among the children and young adults of the area that they are no longer Cambodia’s “untouchables” and now have a real opportunity to share in the country’s progress. Providing this first-time hope to thousands of Cambodia’s poorest children is CCF’s greatest achievement.

— William A. Heidt, US Ambassador to Cambodia 2015 - 2018

How we're ending poverty

Cambodian Children’s Fund empowers kids living in one of Cambodia’s most impoverished communities to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

These are the solutions that make it all possible.