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Happy World Teachers' Day!

"Education is a very powerful weapon. Not only can it change the lives of poor kids, but it can change their families, their community, their country and even their world." We agree with our superstar teacher, Phay Sophat. Education is indeed a weapon, and our 70 strong army of teachers are at the forefront of our battle against poverty. We want to celebrate Sophat, and every teacher like him, on this World Teachers' Day. Sophat has won our Teacher Of The Month award twice in 2016. His success is fuelled by his passion for his work. "Being a teacher has been my dream goal since I was at high school. I think that only teachers play such an important role in touching people's lives and futures. And if we change their life we affect their children when they get a family. Life can improve from generation to generation." world-teachers-day

A message from our students

"Thank you to all the teachers around the world... You help us be the person we want to be". Watch this heartfelt message from two of our students about how educators can shape people and change lives, particularly for people from an impoverished background.
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