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Great Dads

Single dads great role models are inspiring CCF role models

In many CCF communities, the mothers and grandmothers provide the backbone of the neighborhood and raise the children. But some dads are stepping up to take on the job of childcare - by choice or circumstance - as inspiring role models of good parenting for other fathers in the community to follow.

Meet 2 CCF Single Dads:


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Eight-year-old Tevy recently achieved first in her class in an English language test at primary school.

No one could be prouder than her dad, Thearum, who is raising his two young daughters alone. The single dad, 28, is a role model parent to other CCF families in the community, doing the cooking and cleaning while working as a trash scavenger, earning around $5 a day.

He’s a caring father who always encourages his elder daughter to attend school and study hard. Younger daughter Thyda, aged two, is in CCF’s nursery program.

Thearum wants his daughters to have a better life than he has and knows that education is their way to a brighter future.

“I am so excited that my daughter is doing well in school. I want the best for her,” he says.


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Sombath, aged 41, is a hard-working man who is a great role model to other community members. He is raising his three children alone, including his seven-month-old daughter, after his wife passed away recently.

He makes a living by scavenging for trash and earns around $5 a day.

All of his children are enrolled in CCF programs. His first son, aged 13, is in our primary school, while his second son, aged 2, and little sister attend our nursery while he is out scavenging during the day.

CCF works with families like Sombath’s to provide their basic needs so children can get an education and families can create a pathway out of poverty.

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