Jun 19th, 2018 06/19/18 | Scott's Corner

From making the biggest movies to making the biggest impact - Scott Neeson

Global Australians like Scott Neeson of Cambodian Children's Fund are covered in ‘Impact by Advance Global Australians’ a social video series about globally minded thought leaders/game changers. LIKE the Advance Global Australians FB page. JOIN the Advance community (free), connect with like-minded people, attend free events around the world, with top GLOBAL Australian talent. What is a global Australian? At advance.org our mission is to connect Global Australians. So what is a global Australian? Our community consists of Australians, people who went to an Australian university, people who have lived in Australia and people who have never been to Australia but want to go. People, who act globally, think positively and make things happen sound like you? Join advance today! FOLLOW this page for events, stories & more info. JOIN here https://www.advance.org/about/story More on this topic: /scotts-story/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/scottneesonccf/posts/ https://www.facebook.com/cambodianchildrensfund/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/cambodian-children's-fund/ https://twitter.com/scottincambodia https://twitter.com/tweet4ccf https://www.instagram.com/cambochildrensfund/
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