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A donation to renovate Cambodian Children’s Fund medical clinic means better healthcare can be offered to children and families in need Cambodian Children’s Fund medical clinic has been officially reopened after a complete renovation enabling a better quality of healthcare for the impoverished communities where CCF works. This was made possible thanks to the generosity of long-time CCF supporters Cammie and John Rice, who donated funding in memory of their son Christopher Wolf, who passed away while on a trip to Cambodia with his mother in 2016. In recognition of this, the clinic has been renamed Christopher’s Hope Medical Clinic. Christopher, who suffered from a chronic illness for many years and spent a lot of time in hospital, was passionate about helping others. He had visited CCF’s medical clinic during a family trip and wanted to help improve the facilities. Christopher’s family is honouring his wish with this donation. Their support - with contributions from family and friends - enabled CCF to renovate the clinic, fix up the outside waiting area and buy much needed modern medical equipment including an X-ray and ultrasound machine. First opened in 2009, the clinic offers free healthcare to children, families and community members living in one of the most impoverished areas of Cambodia. Each day it sees between 200-250 patients, according to Dr Deth Sereivuth, head of the clinic. Over a decade, it has provided more than 300,000 treatments, to young and old. Last year, it provided provided 33,194 treatments and consultations to patients, 66% of which were female. Many of the patients are elderly, suffering from illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, requiring long-term medical care. The clinic has four full-time doctors and one working part-time. New equipment means the clinic will be able to do more diagnostic testing on site rather than referring patients to hospital. Information can also be shared with hospitals in Cambodia and beyond, allowing tests and results to be reviewed in real time. “This will make a difference to the care that we can offer patients,” said Dr Sereivuth - known as Dr Vuth. Kram Sok Channoeurn, CCF’s Country Manager, said the transformation of the medical clinic would help CCF transform people’s lives for the better. “Better medical facilities means we can give better treatment for everyone here,” she said. “Christopher is the inspiration and we really appreciate John and Cammie Rice for making this happen. Without their great support and contribution, we would not be able to do such great things.” Cammie and John Rice made the journey from their home in the U.S. to see the clinic officially reopened in Christopher’s name. They previously funded a new CCF community-based education facility named The Rice Academy, to provide full-time education to students near the old Steung Meanchey garbage dump, which opened in 2014, and Mrs Rice is also a CCF board member. “You should know that Cammie and I are just two of many of the thousands of people around the world who believe in the work that is being done here,” John Rice said at the official opening ceremony. “Having a good facility is one small part of what it takes to have successful healthcare,” he added. The real contribution is for the medical professionals that do all the hard work to ensure that everyone who goes through the facilities comes out with better health.” Mrs Rice told how her son Christopher had spoken of his wish to improve the medical clinic on a visit to CCF. “When he came to came to Cambodia and toured the clinic, as we went out he said ‘Mother, we have to help the people of Cambodia with better healthcare’,” she said. “It’s been healing to have these opportunities for our son so that his spirit lives on. “Dr Vuth has made my dream come true. It’s an amazing tribute and I know many lives will looked after for many years to come, “My husband and I are so grateful from the bottom of our hearts. We are going to keep coming to Cambodia for many years. This is just the beginning.” Kate Ginn/CCF
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