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All children in CCF’s residential care will be spending Khmer New Year holiday with caregivers and their families Little Dara was taken into CCF’s care after his parents were unable to look after him any more. The six-month-old has been thriving with the support of our nursery team and is now looking forward to his first holiday with a proper family. Dara is one of the 21 children in CCF’s residential program who will be spending Khmer New Year - traditionally a time in Cambodia when families come together to celebrate - in the homes of caregivers and foster mums. Not a single child will stay in CCF’s residential facilities over the holiday from April 5 to April 21 or 22. Support will be provided to the caregivers over the holiday period. Arrangements are being made for some kids to visit pagodas and have other outings during the break. The children range in age from six months to 18-year-old university students and come from situations where they do not have relatives to be with at holidays or the environment is unsuitable. Younger children like Dara particularly enjoy having the chance to experience different surroundings and family life.
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Kate Ginn

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