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100% Exam Stars

All 50 CCF students pass Grade 12 National Exam and win university scholarships

Cambodian Children’s Fund has achieved record results in the National Exam with a 100% pass rate in Year 12.

All 50 students passed the crucial exam, which gives entry to university, with one gaining the top Grade A.

It’s the first time that all CCF students have passed the exam in one year.

NRS 9351
A perfect 100% pass rate for CCF

All the students will now have the opportunity to continue their education at university on the path to their chosen career with a scholarship from Peng Huoth Group announced earlier this year.

Peng Huoth has generously put up $110,000 to fund fees, the largest and single amount a Cambodian company has donated to CCF.

The scholarships cover fees for the duration of student degrees.

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It’s another great result showcasing that our community-based education model is working

— Scott Neeson, CCF Founder and Executive Director

CCF has been celebrating the 100% pass rate, which follows more broken records in last year’s exam when two CCF students achieved the top mark Grade A for the first time.

"It's another great result showcasing that our community-based education model is working to give the most impoverished children the best opportunities for success,” said Scott Neeson, CCF’s Founder and Executive Director of CCF.

"We are extremely proud of our wonderful record-breaking students."

NRS 9336
CCF's record-breaking Year 12 with the Education Team

Taking the National Exam is one of the biggest tests for students in Cambodia, covering English, history, science, mathematics and more.

To attend university, students must pass.

For CCF students, who all come from disadvantaged backgrounds, the chance to go to university is life changing.

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Getting an A Grade was a dream for me

— CCF student Mouykea

CCF student Mouykea, 19, who achieved the top mark in the National Exam is now hoping to get a scholarship to study overseas.

“Getting an A Grade was a dream for me,” says Mouykea.

“I’m so grateful for all the support and encouragement that I have received from CCF, teachers, friends and family. Without that support, I would not be able to be where I am today.”

NRS 2463
Mouykea scored her dream A Grade

Her aim is to study public health at university.

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