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Camp Out

Leadership camps organized with support from The VF Foundation give CCF students the skills to succeed

With determination and smiles, Ratha and her friends are taking on a challenge designed to test their problem solving skills.

They’ll need to work as a team to triumph and show their understanding of collective responsibility.

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Out of the classroom and away from the city, these Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) students are learning lessons that cannot just be taught from a textbook.

Leadership Camps are integral to CCF’s program, giving students the opportunity to take part in a range of activities while being exposed to a new environment and the outdoors. It gives children living in impoverished areas the chance to experience the countryside, clean air and green spaces.

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Support from organizations like the VF Foundation help to make this happen.

The Foundation, the philanthropic arm of VF Corporation, supports nonprofits as part of a commitment to empower vulnerable communities globally.

Funding allows CCF to hold Leadership Camps for junior and senior students as part of the Leadership Program.

Students take part in various individual and team leadership activities, helping with independent and team work, social and leadership skills, and creative thinking and communication - all key attributes needed to be successful in the workplace in a modern Cambodia.

All while experiencing nature close up and discovering the world around them.

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Last year, thanks to The VF Foundation, CCF ran six Junior Camps with 282 participants.

Senior CCF youth leaders help run sessions and engage the younger students, acting as mentors and good role models for the next generation.

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Ratha and her friends loved attending one of the Junior Camps, in the countryside within two hours travel from Phnom Penh.

Watching their self-esteem and confidence grow during the camp with educational and fun learning reiterates the value of giving children opportunities away from school. They return motivated and inspired, with a passion to make a difference.

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The aim is not just have young adults leave CCF with an education but an ability to be effective leaders, capable of instigating change in their communities and country.

Leadership camps are integral to transforming Cambodia’s most impoverished children into models of social change, environmentally aware and responsible citizens on a mission to make the world a better place.

All CCF Leadership Camps in 2023 will have one theme, Environmental Stewardship, focusing on the importance of nature and topics such as at-risk species and plastic use.

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