Providing High Quality Care

From young kids in our Drop-in Daycare project, through to young adults living in transitional homes while they study at university, we provide high quality care and support to children in need.

CCF supports children who live in “absolute poverty”, as defined by the World Bank. Living around the former garbage dump, the children are at constant risk of abuse, alcoholism and hunger. Providing the long-term care and education these children so badly need and deserve requires the involvement of the family.

Very often, a child attending school means one less income for a struggling family, or no-one to care for younger siblings. The long-term benefits of education are well researched. However for a mother who lives for each day, where next week or next month have little meaning, the decision is simply whether to send your child to school or have food for the family that night.

CCF removes the burden of such a decision, ensuring that regular school attendance brings a better life – not in three or five years, but now. A number of basic services encourage school attendance, starting with the provision of subsidized rice. Our support increases in line with the family’s commitment to regular schooling, providing safe domestic situations and preventing the child from undertaking labor.

Although a more complex approach to ensure regular school attendance, this model keeps the child and family together. Most of all, it works, with remarkably low absentee rates, increased parental engagement and a new sense of hope.

Of nearly 2,000 children in our education program, 88% stay with their families each night or, if in higher education, at least twice a week. For those outside of Phnom Penh, we arrange regular transport back to their families, once or twice a month. Parents are encouraged to visit their children and, if necessary, CCF will pay for their transportation.

To best gauge our commitment to family and homeland, visit us just prior to the major vacation periods, where all manner of transport is mobilised, covering more than 14 provinces to ensure that CCF children, young and old, have every opportunity to maintain or re-establish their connection with family or homeland.




All children at CCF are provided with the highest quality care and education, and almost all students remain in close contact with their families, with more than half of those students returning home at least once a week. We even provide support through our External Assistance Package to more than 180 students in the provinces, to ensure they are supported through their education without having to move to the city. We don’t want families migrating to a hazardous environment to enrol their children in school, so we send them back to their homelands with CCF support.

CCF’s Kindergarten and Drop-in Daycare projects allow parents to drop their young children off at a CCF facility, instead of taking them as they scavenge on the city streets, or leaving them at home.

Supporting Students Through University

Many of these students are older students from rural areas who are completing the final years of high school, studying at university or undertaking vocational training. For many older students, living at home is not an option. CCF operates Transitional Homes to allow these older students to live in a supportive yet semi-independent environment while undertaking their studies.

The Transitional Homes are most important for young women. Girls from rural areas are typically cut off from higher education in Cambodia. While boys from the countryside can be sent to the city to live with relatives, friends or even at a pagoda, this situation is not permitted by most families for young women. Transitional homes have 15 to 30 students, and are setup to provide a safe, supportive environment for students, with a cook, cleaner, computers, special classes and shared motorcycles.

"The standards of health care and pastoral
supervision have been internationally recognized as exceptional, and the success of the
educational programme is extraordinary.”

- Lord Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury

CCF Childcare Program

Key Childcare Activities

In-facility Childcare

Providing care, security and support to at-risk
children, allowing them to live with dignity.

Community Washing

Teaching the basics of health and sanitation to satellite school children and community members.

Day Care Drop-In & Night Care Drop-In

Making around-the-clock care available for
children with busy parents, ensuring children are never left at home or placed into dangerous
situations. This program is also open to at-risk children.


Keeping kids safe and healthy while their parents make a living.