About the Child Protection Unit

In 2013 Cambodian Children’s Fund set up a special unit of police, investigators and after care specialists to tackle the issue of serious child abuse in Cambodia.

Crimes against children including homicide, sexual assault, child trafficking and all forms of abuse require a specialized and coordinated response from investigative and support agencies. The Child Protection Unit is a unique undertaking, partnering experienced Western police investigators with the Cambodian National Police to investigate the most egregious cases of child abuse that are often beyond the resources of local police departments.


How the CPU is Unique

The CPU has introduced new forensic techniques and provided equipment to gather and collect better evidence to assist the prosecution case and likelihood of prosecution. CPU is the first NGO to utilise luminol, semen tests and blood tests and we are moving very close to DNA.

Our holistic approach is a first for Cambodia and is being received very well, however we have a process to ensure constant review and refinement to ensure the best service delivery to the child.

We are very proud of the fact that had the CCF CPU not been in existence at least four young victims would not be with us.

Our ability to provide immediate medical assistance, medivacs and continued treatment using our partner hospitals has saved lives and is imperative to our work.


485 Cases and 373 Arrests
Since the CPU began on July 10, 2013, 485 cases of serious child abuse, child rape and homicide have been investigated, leading to 373 arrests.

30 Joint Task Forces Created
To deal with the most complex and pressing cases, the CPU has played an instrumental role in 30 joint task forces with a range of local and international police agencies.

460 Specialists Trained
The CPU has trained 460 Cambodian National Police and CPU staff – each course has been specifically designed for the needs of the CNP and is delivered by former and current UK and Australian police.

To get in touch with the Child Protection Unit, please contact:

[email protected]
023 993 633 (FAX)

A Unique Approach To Child Protection

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