Child Protection Unit

CPU Gift in-kind needs

Previously in Cambodia the lack of training, resources and equipment resulted in few crimes against children being provided with the required level of service. The CPU provides training on the collection and reporting of ‘best evidence’ to aid successful prosecution of offenders. However, many local police do not have access to basic equipment such as digital cameras or computers.

Digital resources

MG 5001 copy

Smart phones / tablets

The ability to capture good quality crime scene images and send to the CPU can greatly increase the identification and apprehension of a perpetuator.

CPU camera

Digital cameras

High quality forensic images can greatly improve the chances of a successful prosecution of child abuse offenders.

Cpu computers

Computers / laptops

With the commencement of our Internet Crimes Against Children unit, there is need for computers and laptops to help us combat, prevent, detect and deter crimes being committed against children in Cambodia and across Southeast Asia.