Exactly one week after a fire tore through Sambok Chab, a community where CCF works, efforts began to start clearing the area where 52 families once lived

The barren expanse of land, once home to 52 families, was a haunting reminder of the fire that devastated Sambok Chab on 17 March. Burnt remnants of books, clothes, family mementoes and children’s prized school awards were scattered in the ashes.

All the families have now been moved off the site. Many are living in temporary shelters set-up in two safe areas, while others are staying with relatives. Emergency supplies, clothing and utilities have been provided.

Generous donations from supporters in Cambodia and all over the world have poured in as a response to the Fire Appeal. And despite all of the destruction, there is a light in the darkness: the opportunity to rebuild the Sambok Chab community, a once squalid area, into a modern, safe and dignified community.

Last Sunday, one week after the fire, volunteers came together to start the clear up.

“Today we are with junior leadership students, staff, the local authorities and families to clean the fire community,” explained CCF’s Community Outreach Manager, Leanghoin Hoy.
“After it’s done, we will start to rebuild homes and the community.”

Under the glaring sun, more than 50 people shifted wood, dismantled the last remaining structures and cleared the burnt remains.

CCF’s leadership students, who volunteered to join the cleanup, demonstrated their commitment, strength and compassion as leaders of change in their communities.

The clearing of the land marked the beginning of a new journey. For the 52 families who have experienced the devastation and fear of watching their homes burn to the ground, there is now a sense of hope.

CCF wants to go beyond replacing the homes lost in the fire, instead focusing on restoring a community that will thrive.

  • To make a financial contribution to the Sambok Chab Fire Appeal, please click here. Every donation makes a difference. Thank you.

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