Baby girl found living in squalor is now under CCF’s care as parents receive help

Asleep in a cardboard box with a dirty, stained piece of fabric to cover her body and a tatty, old piece of clothing for a pillow, is how baby Rotha was found.

Home for the four-month-old was a crude wooden shelter made of old bits of wood pushed together and a roof of plastic sheeting, which would have barely protected little Rotha from the rain.

Rotha was staying in the dire living conditions in a part of Phnom Penh with her parents. CCF was alerted to the baby’s plight after a passerby came across the family.
A team from CCF’s Community Outreach went to visit the site and spoke to Rotha’s mother, who had not been able to feed her daughter properly and had put her in the cardboard box while she was out.

Small, weak and malnourished, Rotha needed immediate care and, with her mother’s agreement, was taken to one of CCF’s facilities. While she is still underweight, Rotha is now doing very well under the watchful eye of staff at CCF’s nursery, where she is safe, warm and in good hands.

Due to family issues, Rotha will remain with CCF for the time being as the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation assesses the situation.
CCF hopes to reunite Rotha with her mother soon.

Kate GinnCCF

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