When Samuel, 38, tied the knot with Pechleap, 33, they made the heartwarming decision to share a part of their special day with Cambodian Children’s Fund. The newlyweds asked their friends and family to donate to CCF in lieu of wedding gifts, raising more than $2,000AUD as a result

Sam, a cybersecurity engineer and researcher from Australia, met his wife Prechleap, a fellow engineer and dental assistant from Cambodia, through mutual friends. On Samuel’s first visit to Cambodia to see his future wife, the two travelled around Cambodia.

“We visited Cambodia just once (in 2017), travelling around the country with Leap and visiting her family in Phnom Penh and Tboung Khmum province. We have seen the temples near Siem Reap, kayaked among the dolphins on the Mekong near Kratie, and visited Battambang and Sihanoukville,” says Samuel.

Pechleap grew up in Cambodia and only moved to Australia three months ago, but whilst the couple were travelling through the country, they were confronted by poverty.

“Cambodia is a beautiful country, albeit marred by depressing levels of poverty in places,” explained Samuel.
“The poverty that we witnessed was truly shocking at times. It seemed like a good idea to do something about that, small though it may be. We see a charity focused on children and their education as having the greatest potential impact in alleviating poverty, given the long potential life ahead of a child, and the possibility that an educated child will grow up to assist Cambodia’s development through his/her future career.”

In honour of Pechleap’s home country and the time they shared travelling together, the couple began researching Cambodian charities in search of one to raise funds for on their wedding day.

“We chose CCF because of the good work it does in Leap’s home country, its efficient operation and clean reputation,” Samuel explained.

By asking for donations in lieu of wedding gifts, Samuel and Pechleap have given over $2,000AUD to CCF. They also included CCF in an activity for the children who attended their wedding.

“We wanted to provide a fun activity [drawing] for the children attending our wedding, to help keep them entertained,” said Samuel.

These drawings were then sent to Phnom Penh where they were received by CCF students and displayed in their classrooms.

“The idea of sending the drawings to share with the CCF children was a way of making the activity purposeful and introducing the children to the idea of charity,” Samuel explained.

CCF is honored to have been a part of Samuel and Pechleap’s wedding day, and grateful for the donations and awareness they raised in the process. We would like to say a special thank you to Samuel and Pechleap, their family and friends.

Alice Brown/CCF

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