A total of three homes have been built for families as a result of the #GivingTuesday campaign that generated donations for families in crisis

In November 2018 Cambodian Children’s Fund launched a Giving Tuesday campaign to raise funds for families in need of new homes. After an overwhelming response, more than $10,000 was raised and building work began in the new year.

The family who sparked the campaign and whose story we shared here are now the proud owners of a new home.

Their previous house, a leaking and unsafe shack, made day to day life difficult for the family of five.
It took approximately one week for local builders to dismantle the metal strips and rotten wood of their former home, and build a brand new structure in its place.

With a new bathroom, watertight roof and locking door, mum, Sok Saron, can now raise her three young children in a safe environment.
Alongside their new home, donations were used to give the family a second-hand moto. A gift that will ensure that both mum and dad can work to support the family.
The Chea’s were among three families to receive new homes as a result of the campaign.

The Sok family, a family of seven living on the edge of a small community, were the first to see their cramped and decrepit house transformed. You can read about it here and watch the video below.

Shortly after, a third house was built for a family that is at the heart of CCF’s community. Mum of four, Chemra, works for CCF and three of her children attend CCF’s schools.
At the gifting ceremony for their new home, the eldest daughter, Linna*, proudly took on the role of translator for her mother and helped to cut the ceremonial ribbon.

“I am happy that I have a new home, my previous house was broken everywhere. I am really happy and thankful to everyone,” said Chemra.

Around five years ago Chemra was as a construction worker, her modest income meant that she and her family were forced to sleep and live on the construction site.

Since then, Chemra has become a valued and vital member of the CCF family, working in our Community Outreach team and providing transport to our community members.

“Chemra has become stronger, she is independent now. She can live without her husband, she can go out and drive a tuk-tuk, she can transport our community people and our grannies when we need her,” explained Community Outreach Manager, Leanghoin Hoy.

With a new home and a secure job, Chemra can look forward to a brighter future for her and her children.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Giving Tuesday campaign. You have had a tremendous impact on the lives of these families.

Alice Brown/CCF

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