Families whose homes were destroyed in a fire on March 17, and who owned the land they lived on, received a $1,500 donation to rebuild

Thanks to generous donations, families are starting to rebuild after a fire on March 17 devastated a community where Cambodian Children’s Fund works, leaving 52 families homeless.

17 out of the 52 families owned the land they lived on, and do not require assistance from CCF to build a new house. Instead, these families received a $1,500 donation in cash to help them rebuild.

On April 24 the cash disbursements were given to these 17 families in the presence of CCF Founder, Scott Neeson, and Chief of the Commune of Steung Meanchey two, Touch Sam Ol, along with local police representatives.
“Thank you to Scott and CCF because your presence has helped our community people a lot, especially the fire community,” explained Touch Sam Ol, Chief of the Commune of SMC 2.
“The donation will help to reduce a lot of difficulties and we can reduce the burdens of the families.”
Among the 17 families to receive the $1,500 donation was 70-year-old grandmother, Yat Mao.
Yat Mao’s home that she shared with a total of five families, including her three sons and 15 grandchildren, was destroyed in the blaze.

The home that she had lived in for 16 years was burnt to the ground in less than half an hour. Her three sons, all who have worked in construction, have been rebuilding the house by themselves.

“I was very happy that we could get this money, It will reduce our burdens,” said Yat Mao.

“The families are happy to receive the donations and they promised to build houses as soon as possible,” said CCF’s Community Outreach Manager, Hoy Leanghoin.
CCF is working hard to reduce the burdens of all 52 families affected. For the families who didn’t own the land they lived on, CCF has purchased land and is undertaking a huge project to rebuild the community from scratch.

If you would still like to make a donation to the project, please click here.

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