A Day at the Divine Community – Part 2

In the second of a two-part photo series, be transported into CCF’s Divine Community. Captured by CCF photographer, Scott Rotzoll, who shows what goes on in the community as day fades to night. To see part one, click here

Part 2: The Afternoon/Evening
As the day comes to an end, the Divine Community spreads out beyond its walls for the slightly cooler hours. We take a walk around as its residents arrive home from work and school, with some using the last hours of light to do chores, and others enjoying it with friends.

3:32 pm. Some downtime for this little girl peering at me from her hammock under her home.

4:14 pm. A man does the family’s washing beneath his home.

4:29 pm. A boy proudly shows off the non-poisonous snake he caught in the grass nearby.

4:35 pm. Some boys have fun in a wheelbarrow.

4:43 pm. A girl plays with her neighbour’s dog.

4:48 pm. A grandmother shares a tender moment with a little one.

4:52 pm. Some girls play Lot Kavsou, a game with an elastic band.

5:03 pm. A man helps a grandmother get papaya from a tree.

5:03 pm. Children returning from school play with paper airplanes.

5:20 pm. A boy runs past the Divine Community with his kite fluttering above

6:04 pm. Young onlookers watch an Adult Literacy class, taught by CCF students.

By Scott Rotzoll

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