Aspiring teacher and former CCF volunteer, Chloe, has joined forces with three of her close friends in Australia to raise $5,000AUD for CCF before they visit Cambodia in the new year. Here Chloe, 22, who volunteered as a buddy teacher for three months, talks about her connection with CCF

Volunteering at CCF was an incredible and eye-opening experience.. As I started to get to know all the students, I realised that every student has a story. They are all living in poverty, yet they still come to school every day and they are always smiling, happy and incredibly curious. This is all thanks to CCF and the amazing teachers they have.

The teachers at CCF are doing an incredible job and I was so impressed with their passion, dedication and love they had for their students. They are helping to educate the students and by doing this they are helping to break the cycle of poverty in Cambodia.

When my parents came to visit they were completely blown away by the work CCF is doing to help the students and the community. After seeing first-hand CCF’s work, they decided to sponsor a student. Andy was a student in one of the classes I helped teach and whilst at CCF I had formed a great friendship with him. I remember being so excited to tell him that myself and my family would be sponsoring him.

My family and I email Andy every month and we are always so excited to hear from him. We have Skyped him a few times and I am always so impressed to see how his English is improving. It makes me so happy to know that we are supporting Andy and we are able to watch him continue to grow for years to come.

When I first returned home, back to Australia, it was hard. I just wanted to be back in Cambodia with all the students and their beautiful smiles. I would continuously talk to my friends about CCF day in and day out, telling them about all the students and the amazing work CCF is doing.

When I mentioned a few months ago that I was planning on going back to Cambodia to visit, my friends Michaela, Eloise and Ana all asked if they could get involved with the fundraising and come with me to Cambodia to visit CCF. I am so excited to be returning to Cambodia and it makes me even more excited knowing that I can finally show my friends what CCF is doing rather than just telling them.

Unfortunately, because I am going into my final year of teaching at university I don’t have the holidays and time to commit to volunteering for three months again. Instead, my friends and I have decided to raise $5,000AUD to donate to CCF.

To achieve this goal, we have hosted a fundraising movie night where we raised $1,200AUD from the ticket sales and donations. It was a successful night and it was great being able to share my experience and tell everyone about CCF.

We are hoping the money we raise will be put towards funding a teacher at CCF. Being a teacher myself and seeing first-hand the work of the teachers at CCF makes me want to support them as much as possible. They are doing an amazing job helping to educate Cambodia’s future generation.

Cambodian Children’s Fund is an organisation I wholeheartedly support, and trust and I am so excited to return to Cambodia, visit all the students and see how much Andy has grown.

We have nearly reached the halfway mark of our goal to raise $5,000AUD. If you’d like to help us reach our goal, please use the link below to donate. Any donations will be greatly appreciated, and we are so thankful for any support.

Thank you.

To support Chloe’s fundraiser, please click here

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