31-year-old mobile shop owner, Narong, supports Cambodian Children’s Fund through his business, one phone sale at a time

The staff, supporters and community at Cambodian Children’s Fund form a family, all working towards the same vision. So when staff leave CCF, they often carry with them the desire to help and give back to the communities of Steung Meanchey.

This is what happened when 31-year-old Narong left his position as a Procurement Officer at CCF and opened his own shop selling mobile phones, NR Phones.
Originally joining CCF as a volunteer, Narong was inspired by his 2-years working for CCF and wanted to continue helping once his business was up and running. Narong now donates $1 for every phone he sells.

“I committed to contributing $500 a month to CCF. The actual sales are below that, so I add some more money to reach $500,” he explained.

Narong’s generosity means that CCF always receives $500 a month, no matter how well phone sales have been at NR Phones.
“I feel so happy to contribute to the communities,” said Narong.
“Scott Neeson [CCF’s Founder and Executive Director] really inspired me. When I was working at CCF I thought that someday I would contribute to the communities.”

Atop of the glass cabinet displaying the latest iPhones sits a CCF collection box. The box, specially designed by CCF for NR Phones, plays an important part in spreading awareness of CCF as well as collecting donations.
“Most people feel good to be contributing, some people don’t buy a phone but they still donate into the box,” said Narong.

Narong is clear in his mission and wants other businesses to follow suit.

“It is our responsibility to give back. It would be nice if all businesses could help and contribute. That’s the real happiness,” he explained.
“I encourage not only phone shops, but other businesses, small and big [to give back], because we are all living on the same planet. We should contribute to help the poor people, especially the children who need education, food and shelter.”

  • CCF would like to say a special thank you to Narong for his ongoing support and commitment. If you have been inspired by his story, you can find out more about supporting CCF here.

Alice Brown/CCF

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