Choose for me

All of the grannies on this site have chosen to take part in the sponsorship program, however there are many other grannies that CCF supports who are not able to take part in sponsorship. If you would like us to choose for you, we will select the granny in greatest need. If you have any questions, please email our team at [email protected] 


Our grannies and grandpas have become the heart and soul of our communities. They have all experienced personal loss and with CCF’s help, have come through difficult times. Now they are embracing life and giving back. Watch the video to see what the grannies mean to us and how you can become involved:

“I relish the opportunity to be a member of the Granny Program. I am happy about the support CCF provides and the opportunities to share and develop the relationship with CCF’s Junior Leaders and staff.”

Granny LENG Rin