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Wonderful Women

Strong female role models in CCF communities are being celebrated in a special art project led by students

It’s called the ‘Wonderful Women Wall Cambodia’ and celebrates strong female role models among the poorest communities in the country - from grannies to girls - in a single piece of artwork.

Three eldest grannies, three daughters and three granddaughters living in CCF communities will be immortalized in paint as part of the remarkable project led by students to commemorate female intergenerational empowerment.

With a combined age of 297, the grannies are the ultimate symbols of survival and feminine strength.

3 grannies
L: Granny Bun Sen, M: Granny Mao, R: Granny Net Sao

Granny Bun Sen, 102, Granny Mao, 100, and Granny Net Sao, 95, have lived through Cambodia's darkest period in history, poverty and homelessness. Through CCF, they bloom again and find a renewed sense of purpose.

L: TOP: Granny Bun Sen with CCF Founder Scott Neeson

Capturing their portraits in paint will ensure they will never be forgotten again.

DSC 2072
Granny Sao

CCF initiated the ‘Wonderful Women Wall Cambodia’ to honour these remarkable women, along with daughters and granddaughters who have overcome adversity of their own in one of the most deprived areas of Cambodia.

Each one will be photographed and the image projected on canvas, where it will be painted.

These nine individual portraits will be displayed as one large piece of artwork, the ‘wall’, to memorialize the strong women and girls who have had a positive impact in the communities around them.

The project is being led by CCF high school students, developing their artistic and personal skills as part of the art curriculum and a STEAM education (Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Mathematics) at the Neeson Cripps Academy, CCF’s secondary school.

WWW painting

Students have been receiving online mentoring from German artist Danilo Halle, a mural painter who was involved in the original Wonderful Women Wall project in Germany - which was on a much grander scale.

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Danilo will be guiding students through their own version, sharing his expertise and knowledge.

Keep an eye out for updates as the ‘Wonderful Women Wall Cambodia’ comes to life.

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