A Unique Approach

Cambodian Children’s Fund operates 65 programs across 6 core program areas as part of our comprehensive approach to community development, and while many of these programs are not education-focused, they all play an essential part in our success in providing education to many children who were once thought unreachable.

CCF’s program model is based on a simple idea. We believe that by providing a child with a high-quality education, they will be able to lift themselves and their family out of poverty._MG_5760

But to get children to go to school, and to keep them going, we need to do more than provide education. We need to address the issues and dysfunction that keep the children away.

A child will not be able to study if they are hungry or malnourished. A child cannot attend school if their family depends on them earning an income to put food on the table, or to look after siblings. Families cannot prioritise a child’s education if they have nowhere to live, have no access to healthcare or are struggling under crippling debt.

CCF operates 65 programs across 6 core program areas – Education, Leadership, Community Outreach, Healthcare, Childcare and Vocational Training – that are designed to address these issues, and provide families and communities with the support that they need.

We provide free healthcare, childcare, loan programs, food and nutrition programs, housing and emergency support services, and by doing so we incentivise children’s education in impoverished communities. We make sure that a mother never has to choose between sending a child to school and putting food on the table.

By addressing these barriers to education through our inter-connected programs, we can create lasting change in the most impoverished communities.

The last piece – the one that makes it all fit together – is our leadership program. We want CCF students to graduate from high-school, university or vocational training with the skills they need to secure gainful employment. But we also want more than that – we want them to be passionate, engaged young leaders that care for their community and their country. We want to transform impoverished kids into tomorrow’s leaders, who will work to transform their own communities and country.

It’s a simple idea backed up with a comprehensive program. To find out more about how each of our 6 core programs work, take a look below.

  • Education
  • Community Outreach
  • Leadership
  • Vocational Training
  • Healthcare
  • Childcare



The CCF Education Program is designed to serve as a foundation for lifelong learning, providing students with a pathway out of poverty and preparing them for the world beyond CCF.

CCF’s award-winning education program provides access to both formal and non-formal education to students from early-years learning to university.

The CCF Education Program is designed to serve as a foundation for lifelong learning, preparing students for the world beyond CCF by enabling them to demonstrate CCF core values of care, excellence, integrity, respect, leadership and teamwork.

The program has a strong focus on developing English, Khmer, mathematics, science, the arts and digital literacy skills; developing the ability to think independently and critically evaluate information; explore Cambodian culture and history, to develop a world-view and to think critically about their individual responsibility and their ability to bring about change.

As well as operating education facilities and satellite schools, CCF provides students with school uniforms, study materials and university fees and transportation. CCF works closely and directly with public schools, teachers and directors to ensure high attendance rates and academic results. With the construction of satellite schools, located in the heart of impoverished communities, CCF is providing a pathway to education for thousands of children once deemed “unreachable”.


From kindergarten through to university, thousands of students are enrolled in the CCF Education Program.

Retention Rate

We work hard to keep our students on track, with an annual retention rate of 96%.

At university

Seventy-nine percent of our high school graduates have gone on to university.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

From providing assistance packages to more than 3,500 families in crisis, to building hundreds of World Housing homes each year, our community outreach team work on the ground to provide assistance to people in need.

The Community Outreach Program supports communities in need and brings new hope to destitute children and families. We know that if CCF children are to fully prosper, their families must be supported. Our programs cater for their families and extended communities: from isolated, elderly men and women to the vulnerable and people stuck in a cycle of substance abuse.

The CCF Community Centre was set up in order to provide reliable care services and support for the Steung Meanchey community, and the development of satellite schools throughout impoverished communities has allowed us to extend our support services to provide for thousands of families.

Impoverished people living in the area are provided access to our community services ranging from food, shelter, fresh water, loans, healthcare, childcare, counseling and advocacy, social bonding events, housing and other necessary provisions.


Received ‘support packages’ in 2014, typically including rice, clean water, bread, mosquito nets, tarpaulins, vitamins and more.

kg of rice

Was distributed to families in need in 2014, along with more than 185,000 litres of clean water every week.


With our partner World Housing, 360 homes were built for the most deserving CCF families in 2014



CCF prepares students for their future as leaders in Cambodian society and equips them with the tools, training and knowledge to make a meaningful, positive impact on their community.

CCF’s aim is to transform impoverished kids into passionate, engaged young leaders who will work to transform their own communities and country.

The Leadership program provides students with understanding of governance, human rights, gender issues, empathy, community building, communication and the key qualities of leadership. CCF prepares students for their future as leaders in Cambodian society and equips them with the tools, training and knowledge to make a meaningful, positive impact on their community.

CCF offers a range of activities within the Leadership Program to help build its young leaders, including trips to rural communities, annual intensive 3 day youth leadership camps, and community support activities such as caring for senior citizens, volunteering as classroom assistants or visiting families to advocate hygienic practices within the home. Leadership isn’t just a buzz-word for our students, it’s at the core of what we do.

Happy Campers

More than 750 students take part in CCF leadership camps each year.

Bowls of soup

172,230 bowls of soup were served in 2014 by student leaders.


More than 2,000 people directly benefit from the leadership program activities.

Vocational Training

Vocational Training

Providing specialised training, both in the classroom and through on-the-job training, to give students a direct pathway to meaningful employment.

CCF’s Vocational Training Program provides specialised training to age-appropriate students and community members across a range of disciplines.

CCF uses it’s own social enterprises – Star Bakery and our restaurant Black Bambu – as well as its own programs and offices, to give students real world training

Students have a number of vocational training options, including hospitality (front of house), hospitality (cooking and baking), media and film training (through CCF’s in-house film production unit), business skills, administration and social work. In tandem with skills training, CCF also offers general educational courses in English and Khmer.

CCF also partners with other NGO’s working in Cambodia to give students a wider offering of vocational training courses. In 2014, 88 students were enrolled in vocational training, with 49 graduates finding full-time employment.


Were enrolled in vocational training in 2014.


Found full-time employment in 2014.


Our Vocational Training team worked with more than 100 businesses to find employment and internship opportunities in 2014.



CCF provides free healthcare services to students, families and community members, including Cambodia’s only fully free medical clinic serving people of all ages.

CCF provides free healthcare services to students, families and community members, from public-health campaigns, through to medical treatments and minor surgical procedures.

The program centres around the CCF Medical Clinic, the only fully free medical clinic treating people of all ages in Cambodia, where more than 30,000 treatments are provided each year, along with regular home visits by our doctors into the community. We arrange hospital referrals as needed and treatment fees are provided accordingly.

CCF provides targeted groups with materials necessary for disease prevention, with a focus on child nutrition and improving public health. The Maternal Care Program was established in 2011 to address the high maternal death rate in Steung Meanchey,and has achieved a 0% maternal death rate across more than 700 births. CCF also operates a free dental clinic, and provides eye-care to students and community members who need it, in particular the elderly.

This approach isn’t just designed to keep families healthy, but to keep them from falling further into poverty. Many of the families CCF support fell into financial ruin after a costly medical procedure or hospital stay, with loan sharks charging 10% interest per month.


Were provided to patients at the CCF Medical Centre in 2014.

Hospital Referrals

Were supported by CCF in 2014, from biopsies and x-rays, through to major surgeries.


Were treated at the CCF dentist in 2014.



From young kids in our Drop-in Daycare program, through to young adults living in transitional homes while they study at university, we provide high quality care and support to children in need.

CCF supports children who live in “absolute poverty”, as defined by the World Bank. Living around the former garbage dump, the children are at constant risk of abuse, alcoholism and hunger.  Providing the long term care and education these children so badly need and deserve requires the involvement of the family.

Very often, a child attending school means one less income for a struggling family, or no-one to care for younger siblings. The long-term benefits of education are well researched. However for a mother who lives for each day, where next week or next month have little meaning, the decision is simply whether to send your child to school or have food for the family that night.

CCF removes the burden of such a decision, ensuring that regular school attendance brings a better life – not in 3 or 5 years, but now. A number of basic services encourage school attendance, starting with the provision of subsidized rice. Our support increases in line with the family’s commitment to regular schooling, providing safe domestic situations and preventing the child from undertaking labor.


The daily attendance rate at CCF’s Kindergarten program.


Were registered in Drop-in Daycare in 2014, ensuring they receive the best quality care and supervision while their parents work.


Enrolled in CCF Kindergarten in 2014, giving them the best start to their education journey.