Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

CCF’s aim is to transform impoverished kids into passionate, engaged young leaders who will work to transform their own communities and country

The impact of this program is clear to see – our young leaders can do it all. They mentor and teach, feed hungry children and care for youngsters and grannies. These leaders have developed leadership camps and home-improvement programs, and they run and participate in an assortment of outreach activities that improve the lives of more than 25,000 Cambodians — 10,000 in Steung Meanchey and 15,000 in neighboring provinces – such as TOM’s shoes distribution and granny visits.

The Leadership program provides more than 800 students with an understanding of governance, human rights, gender issues, empathy, community building, communication and the key qualities of leadership. CCF prepares students for their future as leaders in Cambodian society and equips them with the tools, training and knowledge to make a meaningful, positive impact on their community.

CCF offers a range of activities within the Leadership Program to help build its young leaders, including trips to rural communities, annual intensive three-day youth leadership camps, and community support activities such as caring for senior citizens, volunteering as classroom assistants or visiting families to advocate hygienic practices within the home.


A New Generation

Each year, 10 students from the CCF Leadership Program are awarded scholarships to attend the week-long Global Youth Leadership Summit in California. These students go through an exhaustive application and training process, and represent the very best of CCF’s leadership program. When they return, the young leaders put their learning into action by designing, planning and running leadership activities, including the Annual Youth Leadership Event in Phnom Penh.

The group is fast becoming Cambodia’s new generation of leaders. And, in a country with widespread corruption and little community outreach training or opportunities, their leadership is desperately needed. With Cambodia having the largest percentage of 10-24 years olds in Southeast Asia, youth will shape the future of the country.

Leadership isn’t a buzz-word for our students, it’s at the core of what we do.

Areas of Focus:

The practical and theoretical elements of the program aim to motivate students to become models of social change in their communities and to develop and build the following attributes:

  • Personal Confidence & Self Esteem

Provide students with the tools to develop positive attitudes and become brave and confident citizens who can inspire, motivate and empower others.

  • Social Responsibility

Help students to become compassionate global citizens who can make a difference in their communities and participate in community outreach at local, national and global levels.

  • Organizational skills

Provide students with the capacity to be effective leaders and team players with the ability to work together to organize and manage groups and get results.

  • Creative Thinking

Provide learning experiences that enable them to develop higher-order thinking and problem solving skills.

  • Independence and Interdependency

Equip students with essential social and leadership skills that enable them to plan and set personal goals for the future, to deal with change, improve their behaviour and attitude, become independent and motivated to give back to their community and drive generational change.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead, Cultural Anthropologist

Shaping tomorrow's leaders

Key Leadership Activities

Assistant Teaching

CCF's brightest young students give teachers and struggling students a helping hand.

Global Youth Leadership Summit

10 students from the CCF Leadership Program are awarded scholarships to attend the five-day Global Youth Leadership Summit in California each year.

Annual Youth Leadership Event

Every year, our students transplant what they have learnt at the internationally renowned GYLS leadership conference from the United States to Phnom Penh, organising and holding their own youth leadership event.

Mentoring (generation to generation)

Providing role models for younger students from within CCF’s own ranks.

TOM Shoes Distribution

Students take the lead in distributing thousands of shoes to communities in need.

Youth Leadership Camp

More than 800 students attend the Youth Leadership Camp in the countryside, a highlight of the year for many kids.

Community Youth Leadership Development Program

A 3-year program with intensive leadership curriculum that gives youth the skills and confidence to lead communities, designed for students enrolled in CCF's Satellite Schools who were previously unable to access training.

Junior Leadership Training (Boys) & Junior Leadership Training (Girls)

The Junior Leadership program features informal drop-in meetings, monthly parties, gender education, friendship and mentoring, as well as joining the Girls Community Leader Program to carry out critical community outreach services.

Granny Program

The young generation helps out the old in this critical community program. Visit our Granny Sponsorship page to find out more.

CCF Student Exchange

Fostering friendship and collaboration between CCF's 2,300 students.

Healthy Homes & Hygiene Promotion Day

Fighting against preventable sickness in the community.

Happy Home

Young leaders help alleviate the burdens of struggling families