Caring for Families in Crisis

Since 2004, we’ve been working with some of the most impoverished communities in Cambodia, centered around the former garbage dump at Steung Meanchey. The garbage dump was closed in 2009, however the need for CCF’s services continues as Steung Meanchey remains a entry-point into Phnom Penh for destitute families with no option but to try and make a living through scavenging or begging on the city streets. The families that come to CCF for support live in conditions that the World Bank defines as “absolute poverty”.

The Community Outreach Program supports these communities in need and brings new hope to destitute children and families. We know that if CCF children are to fully prosper, their families must be supported. Our programs cater for their families and extended communities: from isolated, elderly men and women to people stuck in a cycle of substance abuse.

The CCF Community Centre was set up in order to provide reliable care services and support for the Steung Meanchey community, and the development of satellite schools throughout impoverished communities has allowed us to extend our support services to provide for thousands of families.headerimage

Impoverished people living in the area are provided access to our community services ranging from food, shelter, fresh water, loans, healthcare, childcare, counselling and advocacy, social bonding events, housing and other necessary provisions.

World Housing and CCF

Our partnership with World Housing has added a new element to our community outreach programs. As the exclusive World Housing partner in Cambodia, we are able to provide as many as 300 homes per year for families in need. By partnering with CCF, World Housing can ensure that the families that receive homes are the most deserving – impoverished families that have prioritised their children’s education and provided a home life safe from violence, abuse, drugs and alcohol. Together we are building more than homes, we are creating communities, complete with playgrounds, community gardens, social areas, toilet facilities, safety and security.

"CCF works with the families of high-risk children, rather than trying to put a wedge between the kids and their families."


The CCF Community Outreach Program

Key Community Outreach Activities

Family Assistance

Providing shelter, food and cash support for families in crisis, and a plan to get them back on their feet.

Rice Program - Free Rice

Supplying thousands of needy families with the staple of Cambodian food, and incentivising children's education.

Rice Program - Rice at Subsidised Price

Rice is sold below wholesale market prices to families in need.

Small Business HELP Loan

The most popular loan we offer is aimed at entrepreneurs seeking capital for a small business. Applicants work together on their business plan with our experienced community outreach team.

Community Loan

This loan helps people suffering from serious health, shelter or family troubles.

Emergency Shelter and Support

Providing safe homes for families at risk of abuse - mainly women and children.

Refinancing Loan

When someone is trapped with an impossible loan, a refinancing loan alleviates the financial hardships by taking over the loan with just a 2.5 percent interest rate.

Community Education

A lack of education and economic opportunities leads to widespread problems within households. Through this program, parents learn practical skills from our community outreach team in one-on-one and group sessions.

Counselling and Domestic Violence Reduction

Cambodian Children’s Fund provides community training on the subject of domestic violence, in collaboration with police and district officials. Victims of violence are provided with free counselling and legal support.

External Education (EE) Loan

An interest-free loan aimed at improving the living standards of the families of our External Education students.

Fresh Drinking Water

With money so tight, clean water becomes an unaffordable luxury. CCF provides 186,000 litres of clean water to the community every week.

Mother's Club

A place for mothers to share experiences and learn from each other.

Reproductive Health and Family Planning

Helping families take control of their futures and plan for the long term.

Social Bonding Activities

Building a strong community by encouraging people to come together.

Sport Activities for Community Youth

Sports contribute to the physical and mental development of growing kids. Adequate spaces to play within the community are rare, so we provide transportation to the rented sports fields in Phnom Penh

Food relief and nutritional Program

Fighting hunger and malnutrition in one of Cambodia’s poorest communities.

Gender Rights & Legal Advocacy

Promoting the understanding of rights, gender issues and legal aid for women, especially related to domestic violence on women.

World Housing

Through our partnership with World Housing, CCF has provided hundreds of homes to deserving families in need.