A New Life: Channary’s Story

This is Channary’s story (name changed) told with the help of a translator.

Channary with her adoptive mother.

My name is Channary and I am seven years old. I was born in the Kratie province. I don’t know if I have siblings or not because my parents give me up in the middle of the forest. I have a second (adoptive) mother that found me from a social worker in the province. She fed me and took care of me.

In the province I was a small kid and was often sick. However, I did as much housework as I could, such as cleaning my clothes, plates, and other work. I do not know where my real family is or why they gave me up. When I had free time, I would just go to play with kids around the house. Back then, I had a bad skin disease that made living difficult. I had no good medicine to take because my second mother’s income was very small. We lived so far from the hospital, so my disease became worse.

One day, my second mother called Cambodian Children’s Fund to help me and attempt to treat my disease. After a day, staff took me to stay after I agreed to come with my second mother and staff. I was really happy when I could live and study in the CCF building. When I arrived I did not have any friends and being in such a big building was scary. However, I had many staff to look after me every day. They have never abandoned me.

The staff helped me clean my clothes, took me to hospital, gave me medicine, prepared food for me and taught me how to live with other children. I began to live in a way that I had never thought possible. They also taught me how to take a shower, make my bed for sleep and eat properly. Before I did not know how. Some of the other kids love and take care for me like I was their own sibling.

Since I have been living in CCF, my life is full of happiness. I have good friends and staff to take care me and play with me. I also have joined some activities such as playing sports at Olympic Stadium, going for a walk to the other provinces, painting, studying computer and other subjects in the center. At the time I was not ready to go to public school for the first time. Now my life has changed.

The most important thing is that the staff told me that in the new school year I can go to study in public school like other kids in the building. I have good food, good friends, nice clothes and shoes to wear. I try to go to study with kids in CCF every day although I never studied before. All these activities in CCF make me so happy and I do love them so much.

I hope that I can study in the public school soon because now I am now healthy and I know how to live with others. I am thankful for the people at CCF for looking after me and giving advice to me.

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