Working With Cambodian Children’s Fund

Join us and become part of an integrated team working together as ONE CCF to enable educated children to lead their families and communities out of poverty. CCF values our staff, and provides opportunities for personal, professional and leadership development. Successful applicants will be those aligned to our core values, and looking to make a real difference in Cambodia. You’ll be creating positive change and getting job satisfaction and valuable experience in return.

Current Jobs

Job Overview Program Area Duration Closing Date Detail


OUR ORGANISATION We Are a Unique Organization of Action Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) ...

Program Area Healthcare Duration Full Time Closing Date 03 July 2020 Find Out More

Maternal Care Program (MCP) Assistant

OUR ORGANISATION We Are a Unique Organization of Action Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) ...

Program Area Maternal Care Program(MCP) Assistant Duration Full Time Closing Date 03 July 2020. Find Out More

Graphic Designer

OUR ORGANISATION We Are a Unique Organization of Action Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) ...

Program Area Graphic Designer Duration Full Time Closing Date 25 June 2020 Find Out More


Q. Can I send my CV instead of completing the Application Form?

A. All applicants are required to download the PDF Application Form and complete it prior to submitting your application. The Application Form will ask you questions about your experience, qualifications and skills. It will also record your personal information so we can contact you for interview if you are short-listed. Because the Application Form will capture information similar to your CV, you will not need to attach your CV separately. When applying you will need to upload and attach the following documents:

1. CCF Application Form

2. Cover Letter

3. Supporting Documents (limited file size)

See the separate question that outlines what candidates should include in their Supporting Documents.

Q. What kind of positions are there at CCF?

A. CCF is a large NGO with a diverse workforce. We have many technical / specialist roles in our core programs of education, leadership, healthcare, childcare, vocational training and community outreach. In addition, we are always looking for skilled professionals to take up support services roles related to IT, HR, procurement, finance and administration. CCF is an international organization with over many staff, as such, we have many of the job opportunities you would expect to find in any medium size organization.

Q. What kind of people are CCF looking for?

A. CCF is looking for people with the right skills and qualifications, but also those who are passionate about what we are trying to achieve and aligned with our core values of care, excellence, integrity, respect, leadership and teamwork. Click on ‘Our Values’ on the right to see more about our values and agreed behaviors.


Q. Do you hire many foreigners?

A. CCF is passionate about building a skilled and sustainable Cambodian workforce to deliver on our vision and mission long term. As such, Cambodian employees fill the majority of our vacancies. CCF does hire a small number of foreign staff, but only when specialist skills are not available in Cambodia or if the position is required to interact mostly with international visitors or manage overseas projects / processes. Essentially, we recruit local and/or foreign staff depending on the requirements of the position. Advertised positions will outline the job/language requirements clearly in the selection criteria and job posting.

Q. Who do I contact if I want more information on the advertised position?

A. For more information about the role please email the recruitment team in the first instance at [email protected]. The team will respond to your queries or refer you to the hiring manager for job specific queries.

Q. Does CCF invest in staff training and development?

A. One of CCF’s strategic priorities is to build the capability of our staff. We know that our staff are critical to our ongoing success and the quality of services that we can provide the children and families involved in our programs. CCF has an Organizational Development Team who is driving professional development for individual staff and leaders. CCF has an integrated Leadership Development Framework that outlines development opportunities for staff across varying levels of leadership. We also identify job specific development needs and support training in support of enhanced performance for our staff. Education and training are valued very heavily in Cambodia and CCF provides local staff with the opportunity to access an annual scholarship allowance (equivalent to one month salary) in support of further education and training.

Q. What opportunities will I have for career advancement or promotion?

A. CCF is committed to providing long term career advancement for our employees. We structure annual career planning for staff and work with individuals to identify career pathways (especially for leadership roles). Staff are strongly encouraged to express interest in higher level positions and individual development plans support learning and development in preparation for future roles.

Q. How many days and hours do staff work?

A. The majority of staff at CCF work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. That said, in Cambodia it is normal to work a 6 day week with public school and other business hours including Saturday work. CCF teachers work 6 days per week, as does many of our program staff who work directly with the kids or the community. Our drivers, security guards and other support staff may work alternative rosters to allow for us to provide safety and security 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The hours of work are outlined in job advertisements and/or employment contracts and will be discussed with applicants through the interview process.


Q. Where would I be located if working for CCF?

A. The majority of our CCF offices and facilities are located in the Steung Meanchey community on the outskirts of Phnom Penh (south east of the centre). Our Head Office is the CCF Corporate Building with many of our facilities surrounding the nearby CCF Community Centre.

Q. What benefits does CCF provide staff?

A. CCF provides local staff with entitlements in accordance with Cambodia Labor Law (Prakas). This includes 18 days annual leave and paid public holidays (average of 25 per year). Foreign staff working from our international offices (USA, Australia and Hong Kong) are paid locally in their home country in compliance with relevant legislation.

Additional benefits for local Cambodian staff include access to a Provident Fund, Bonus (One Monthly Salary) at Khmer New Year, Personal Accident Insurance, National Social Security Fund, Education / Training Scholarship Allocation (equivalent to One Month Salary), and phone.

Foreign staff employed and working in Cambodia are paid in accordance with Cambodian Labor Law (same as local staff) yet may not have access to some of the additional local benefits. That said, foreign staff working in Cambodia will receive NGO Visa, training support, relocation support (if employed from their home country and moving to Cambodia purely for the CCF role) and medical / health insurance (including medical evacuation to Bangkok or Singapore for emergency treatment).

CCF invests heavily in training and development and employs specialists to help drive professional and leadership development for staff. Staff have access to unique learning and development opportunities, international experts and career planning.


Q. What documents should I bring if I am successful getting an interview?

A. Applicants, especially for local staff employed in Cambodia, should provide the following supporting documents when they apply for a job at CCF:

  • National ID Card/ Passport/ Birth certificate
  • Qualifications – university or other qualifications (if required in criteria)


Q. Does CCF do any additional screening checks prior to making a recruitment decision?

A. Given that CCF works closely with children and the community all staff are required to produce a criminal record check (report) and/or working with children clearance (certain countries such as Australia have this). Staff employed in Cambodia may also be required to undergo a medical / health check in accordance with Cambodia Labor Law.

Q. Is successful, what other documents will I need to provide CCF before I start?

A. Successful candidates will need to provide a copy of the following documents along with their signed employment contract prior to starting with us:

  • Bank account details
  • Family Book / Staying Book (Cambodian only)
  • Birth Certificate (Cambodian only / Passport suffice for foreigner)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Personal Photo (sixe 4×6)