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Young Leaders Represent Cambodia at Global Youth Leadership Summit

July 16, 2014 - This week, 11 of our hard-working students will arrive in California to represent Cambodia at the Global Youth Leadership Summit. The intensive five-day event challenges teens from 25 countries to develop their leadership skills outside their comfort zone. “I’m looking forward to seeing what I can bring back to CCF,” said Visna. “I’m also excited – and scared – about flying on an airplane.” While this will be the first time traveling abroad for most of the teens, that isn’t the case for Sovanara. Two years ago she attended the summit and now she’s returning as an alumna. “I’m excited to see my friends again,” she said. “As an alumna, I’m something like a cheerleader for my team. I have to help them be confident and prepared. I think I’m even more excited to go to the U.S. now than I was my first time.” The summit, organized by the Anthony Robbins Foundation, has been a valuable experience for CCF students since 2008. The students apply what they learned and organize an annual youth leadership event in the summer for all the teens. It’s modeled after the summit in San Diego, but organized by the students themselves. The students making the trip worked hard to get this point. First, they had to pass a rigorous selection process with a panel of judges here at CCF. One hundred students applied and that group was narrowed down to 43. Finally, the students presented once again and the eleven were selected. These students all demonstrated a keen understanding of the meaning of leadership, having involved themselves in various community activities and serving as role models to the younger kids. Since being selected, the students have been meeting four nights a week with volunteer teacher Leann McKeown to practice their English while discussing and debating high-level topics such as the importance of responsibility, how to be a leader and other subjects requiring critical thinking. The students are ready for what’s ahead of them and they're eager to represent their country. “I’m looking forward to showing everyone what CCF kids are like,” said Chenda. “We’re probably the first people from Cambodia they’ll ever meet and they’ll probably be surprised.” Read all about the 2013 Global Youth Leadership Summit.
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