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Two CCF Teachers Honoured for Their Great Work

Education the backbone of all the work we do here at Cambodian Children’s Fund. For that reason, we highlight the great work with our Teacher of the Month awards. Through careful consideration, senior leaders of the education team select the teachers based on their creativity, skill and dedication to the classroom. Both these CCF teachers of the month for May were awarded with a citation and a bonus for their efforts. Meet the CCF Teachers of the Month below.

Phin Narin

Teacher Narin is an industrious and patient teacher. He guides his class so that students work cooperatively with each other. He has a strong commitment to teaching and is well-organized with many teaching aids to engage students in learning so they can achieve a good result. He has a depth of understanding of the lessons that allows him to assist with creativity, capture students’ attention and maximise student participation. He uses student-centred learning by organizing pair and group work in which students can discuss and share their ideas during the class. He has integrated four macro-skills into his teaching and provides time for all the students to practise in class. This makes the classroom environment more interactive and the students feel that they are part of a community in the class. Time is effectively used in the class and activities are designed to match the lesson objectives, for example short video clips and pictures. He is a good listener, which makes the students want to participate in class sharing activities. Teacher Narin has maintained current knowledge and skills necessary to teach the students effectively and also established a great working relationship with other colleagues. He contributes to the learning environment with the students and staff by discussing and sharing ideas and information. Thank you for being one of our most dedicated CCF Teachers, Narin.

Chea Sophalla

Teacher Chea Sophalla is a very flexible teacher who has used a variety of teaching techniques to hold the interest of her students. She is a creative teacher who uses a variety of activities during lessons such as counting English numbers and singing English songs. She is very skillful in teaching using visual materials such as posters, flashcards, pictures, and other colorful learning and teaching materials. These motivate students to learn as they really enjoy Sophalla’s lessons/ She always checks her students’ understanding by using a lot of games such as picture guessing, miming, gesturing, slapping the whiteboard, and other interesting and competitive games. Her lessons have clear learning intentions and she includes a variety of learning activities that match her learning intentions in each lesson. She also uses pair-work and group work to make her students actively participate with their classmates in the classroom. Teacher Chea Sophalla receives this citation and grateful thanks from CCF and also receives a $25 cash payment to recognize this important achievement. Thank you for all your hard work and being one of our inspirational CCF Teachers. sophallatrue-300x199 sophalla-300x189
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