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Students Reflect on Trip to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Several of our older students went on an incredible trip to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to meet with students, attend lectures and immerse themselves in a new culture. During the week-long experience, students shadowed their Hong Kong colleagues and got a close look at HKUST. Here’s what our students had to say about their time in Hong Kong.

Nhean (M): 18 years old

This trip was amazing. It is really a big opportunity for me to learn from there. I met so many people there. They are really friendly. During this trip I also had the chance to share a lot about Cambodia, CCF and even my family. I also have been to some laboratories as well which were wonderful. This event really encouraged me to chase my dreams. I promise myself that I will do my best and try to study harder to achieve my dream to study abroad.

SreyMau (F): 19 years old

I shadowed a Hong Kong University of Science and Technology student called Marry but I got to know many people because she is a smart and friendly student. I also joined her mathematics class and I found that the students study really hard. Also, the professors there try to explain very clearly. Even I could understand and do the exercises that the professors gave. It seemed not very difficult to study. I also went to the civil engineering tutorial, which is a kind of class that has an assistant professor help to explain the formulas to the students. And the most interesting place is civil and environmental engineering. It looked awesome to me because I have never seen such a lab like that before.

Sovannary (F): 18 years old

This is such a great chance to be here in Hong Kong. I have gained a lot of knowledge from the environment around here especially, from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I’m so surprised of how the different so much between Cambodia and Hong Kong of the environment, Education, and Communication. Moreover, I like people here so much as they are so welcoming to us, friendly, sharing and very punctual. The most important thing I’ve gained from this trip is that I’ve found out my real dream. Before coming here, I had a lack of knowledge of understanding about science and engineering. I want to be a doctor. And I love biology and chemistry. I didn’t realize of how much they connect with each other. But now, I understand a lot of real science and engineering. I’ve found out that besides wanting to be a doctor, I want something to do with science.

Samay (M) 17 years old

Wow! What an awesome experience. When I arrived, I felt quite nervous and worried about my English abilities (speaking and listening). However, it was a fantastic experience and I am really grateful to have such an excellent trip not only to travel, but also to learn, to explore and do reflection. My friends who I had met while I am in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology all are intelligent and smart persons. That is the kind of person that the world needs right now and they told me that they are do not “study hard” but they “study smart.” On the other hand, the students who I shadowed are very friendly and they took me to their lectures. Other than that, I realized that the staff, students and professors in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are very nice and professional.

Sokhanya (F): 19 years old

The people at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology love to make friends and meet new people around them. They are pleased to answer the question that we asked and always helped us as much as possible. They do welcome us to their class and introduce us to the students and teacher. They want to know more about our organization because they only heard it from other people people. They are very good students and also try to study hard. 5.12.2014.Photo2_1 5.12.2014.Photo1_1
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