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Out of Town – CCF’s Leadership Camps

Summer time and the living is easy. So says the song. And, for schoolchildren around the world, the arrival of summer heralds the closure of schools and the start of empty days, the task of filling them a challenge for all. Not so at CCF. Here the onset of the official summer school break means a shift in gear, a shift in the learning environment as a program or extra teaching and tuition kicks in. Extra chemistry sits alongside special sessions on English grammar and physics demands the concentration of some while maths engrosses – or tries to – the attention of others. But it’s not all work. In CCF’s eyes, education, real education is about much more. Last year saw the first of CCF’s summer leadership camps. Highly successful and much enjoyed, many will have heard about them in their sponsor children’s emails. This year a new, and by all reports so far, an even more successful model is being rolled out. Aimed at the over 13s and spread across the month of August, the CCF students will spend 2 days at a site at Kampong Cham about an hour’s drive north west of Phnom Penh. There in groups of 30 or so, with a full cast of supporting and teaching staff, they learn about being leaders, take part in teamwork exercises, do practical work helping the local community, talk and discuss past and present and take some time to consider the directions of their own lives. They have already come far but still have a long way to go. If they are to make that journey well and arrive at a good destination they will need all the help they can get. The summer leadership camps are designed to give them just that. 9.8.2011.Story4.Photo1 9.8.2011.Story4.Photo2 9.8.2011.Story4.Photo3 9.8.2011.Story4.Photo4 9.8.2011.Story4.Photo5
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