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Four of our students recently spent two weeks at Trinity College, Melbourne to take part in the Young Leaders Program. More than 6,000 km away from home, these bright young students embraced the opportunity and are now back to tell us all about their experience Vannita, 18 "The best weeks of my life." The Young Leaders Program has enriched me with encouragement and guidance of how to be a great leader. Many beautiful friendships were fostered. We did excursions, workshops, leadership activities and we would all meet up during our meals. We also had a chance to explore Melbourne City. Melbourne is a unique city full of positive vibes. You can find many kind of people from different backgrounds and nationalities. The city has great landscapes of parks and public spaces that invite everyone to come and relax. The public transportation is brilliant since it is easily accessible and you can feel good about creating less pollution. After exploring the University of Melbourne I realised that it is very important to remain focused and productive if I want to have an opportunity to study there. I learnt new ideations on writing stories and developed my skills and passion of writing. I also learnt about the backstage of theatre and for the first time in my life I saw a play in a theatre, I was really surprised how great it was. I saw many great pieces of artwork in the National Gallery which inspired me to bring out new ideas. It was a very peaceful place especially for people with mental health [issues]. I also got to experience making a podcast which was a good way to raise our voice. I want to say the biggest thank you to CCF and Trinity College for having us at the Young Leaders Program 2018. Chantheary Rath, 16 "Amazing experiences." At Trinity College I had many amazing experiences, I got to know a lot of people from different countries and I made many new friends. It was fantastic to explore the school building and the education program for the university. In the first week I learnt about Biomedicine. In week 2 I joined the English course. I improved my writing skills, speaking skills and learnt about drama and I even did a performance. The two weeks were meaningful to me and It was a lot of fun. Australia is a wonderful country. I felt like I was grown up and living in a new world. I love this country because I feel like there is freedom and I was independent. The weather was changing like my emotions: sometimes it is hot, sometime it is cold or raining, but it is nice to live in a country where weather changes quickly. I learnt many different things in Trinity College such as lifestyle, culture from different countries, self-development, confidence and I became more open minded. Thank you Trinity College and CCF for giving us the opportunity to attend the YLP 2018. These 2 weeks meant a lot to me and they made me realise what I really want. And I now definitely know myself. Ratha, 16 "The confidence is inside you." I can describe the Trinity College experience in three words; amazing, memorable and enjoyable. I made a lot of good friends, joined a lot of amazing leadership workshops, did some experiments, built and launched a rocket, went to the beach, went to the Skydeck in Melbourne, went to a science workshop, went shopping and tried new food. When I was there, I felt like I was home in Cambodia because the surrounding people were so nice and the weather is similar to Cambodia (even though it changed quickly). What I have learnt from my time there is: the confidence is inside you, you just have to water the seed to make it grow by trying new experiences and getting out of your comfort zone. There are places to explore your talent, show the world what you have and your true colour. My advice to future students of YLP is to go beyond your limits and give yourself the opportunity to make new friends with students from different countries because there are lots of new things you can learn from them. Kanha, 16 "The best memories ever." This year I was lucky to be given the golden opportunity to join the Young Leaders Program. As it was my first time in Melbourne, I felt delighted and I was looking forward to meeting new people from all around the world. I had an amazing experience and made the best memories ever. In the first week I studied about Biomedicine and I really enjoyed it because I learnt so much, such as: dissection of the lung, heart, eyes, brain (of a sheep), and about DNA. Our lecturers were experts, they taught us with technology and modern equipment and real experiments, so it was easy for me to understand. In the future I want to be a doctor of Biomedicine, so it is really important for me to know what my strengths and weaknesses are, so that I know what I need to improve to reach this goal. During the second week I studied English. We learnt about storytelling, drama and leadership. It was very fun because I got to do some acting which I had never done before. I think that Melbourne is a beautiful city with lots of people and diversity. It is easy to live there because there are many trams and they have lots of Asian restaurants, such as Chinese and Thai. But the one thing that concerns me about Melbourne is the weather. It was very hard for me to adapt because the weather changed too quickly. Sometimes there was four seasons a day!
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