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CCF's Dancers bring Blessings to Karate

When CCF's karate kids take to the mats in the higher level competitions they regularly attend, their martial arts abilities are increasingly not the only CCF skills on display. Before the main events, guests of honour are treated to special dances, designed to bring them blessings and good fortune. The invited dancers on these special occasions are often drawn from CCF's pool of artistic talent. With every step they take they display not only the timeless steps of an ancient culture but CCF's own care for the traditional heritage of its students. Every CCF student is taught to appreciate their national culture. They learn its dances and its musical instruments and they learn too that these are not just for learning about, but for building into the fabric of life. So when something special is called for, tradition has its part to play. And when special dancers are called for, CCF and its students are able happy to provide. 3.2.2011.Photo2 3.2.2011.Photo1 3.2.2011.Photo3 3.2.2011.Photo4 3.2.2011.Photo5
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