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CCF's Angkor Wat half marathon stars are back..

CCF students Srey Pov and Ly Moeurn joined more than 8,500 runners from 75 countries on Sunday and competed in the 20th edition of the Angkor Wat half marathon. The students had a pre-race dinner with our wonderful partners the Panda Paddlers and special guest - the 'Khmer Marathon King' Hem Bunting who gave them some last minute advice and race tips. Before the race, Srey Pov said she was happy to run the 21km race and raise funds for CCF. "I was very excited before the race, there were so many people!" said Srey Pov. marathon website 2 After the race, Srey Pov said that the half marathon was very tiring, but she knew she could finish it. "I was so so tired, but Mitch (a CCF volunteer from the Australian College of Physical Education who trained the students) stayed with me and kept encouraging me. There were so many kids and people cheering along the road - it really motivated me. I was very excited coming to the end, the fans were very loud!" said Srey Pov. marathon website 3 Ly Moeurn (below) said: "Coming around Angkor Wat, around kilometre 18, my legs were beginning to cramp. It was sore, but I knew I was near the end and I just kept saying to myself 'I can do it. I can do it.'" marathon website 4 After the 21km race and a big lunch, the guys spent the day exploring the rest of the Angkor Wat temple complex at a more leisurely pace. The first time for both and an experience they will never forget. marathon website 5 There is still time to donate and show your support. Help Srey Pov and Ly Moeurn raise funds for CCF here:
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