Mar 30th, 2013 03/30/13 | Community Stories

CCF Youth Leaders Reach Out to Girls in Need

More than 20 community girls from one of the most impoverished slums at Steung Meanchey joined CCFs youth leaders leaders for a day of games, conversations, friendship, inspiration and good fun. During the activities, three new girls officially became part of the Junior Leadership Team. The community teen girls are at a most vulnerable age as they are facing futures that include early pregnancies, back-breaking work scavenging through the city streets, living in abject poverty and in many cases being subject to domestic violence. The young CCF women leaders came from similar backgrounds and wanted to start a program that would reach out and help young girls like themselves. They started the Junior Leadership program to provide a casual place for girls to come and relax and create friendships with the CCF young women. It's a place for community girls to hear about the CCF programs and have the opportunity to take part in community service programs like the nightly food program that feed over 300 undernourished kids from the poverty stricken neighborhood. It is also a place where they can build their own self esteem and self confidence, be valued for who they are, discover they can contribute to others and start to dream and create new futures for themselves. As community girls get more involved and committed to the Junior Leadership Program and community service they are inducted into the youth leaders group and given privileges and responsibilities in helping with a variety of programs. And they are awarded with recognizable outfits that let anyone who sees them know they are leaders.
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