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CCF Shines in San Diego!

CCF’s girls have been an outstanding hit at the Global Youth Leadership Summit held by the Anthony Robbins Foundation in San Diego. Their manners, involvement and effectiveness have all drawn praise. And there is no better way to share news of their success than to let you see the letter that brought the news to us. Dear Scott, I am pleased to tell you that our conference at the Global Youth Leadership Summit finished today and it was a very proud moment when our kids received awards for the activities there! The conferences lasted 5 days which included listening to speakers talk about Leadership Skills as well as Olympic Games, Group Activities, and Communication Skills. All our kids were put into different groups (there are 13 groups in total), and all their activities are counted and today they announced the Groups that won. Nay Houy's group won the silver medal and for Sok Noeurn's Group got the bronze medal ….. it was challenging for our kids in term of language, but our kids did a very good job .. and got lots of compliments from both the kids and the staff there. …. I am really proud of them! Sok Noeurn is a star! On the second day of the conference, she got a $20 prize for being her initiative, among 250 kids!! …. And today which is the last day, she was awarded the Team Leader of the Week by her team members! ……I was very surprised to hear this (and Sok Noeurn was the same!). So when Sok Noeurn went to the stage and came back, she was carried by her team members to her seat! All our kids are loved and were encouraged by their group members to participate in all the activities as well as by the coaches and the staff there! They communicated with kids from different countries as well as the coaches and staff there! It was really fantastic!! I hope they can share what they have learned to their friends, their families, and as well as the community. Please have a nice day!! Best regards, Nin 5.8.2009.Photo1 5.8.2009.Photo2 5.8.2009.Photo3 5.8.2009.Photo4
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