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A Postcard for the World

This post was written by Germana, a volunteer who worked with the CCF Film Group for a month. In these past few weeks CCF film group students are working on a new project in collaboration with Global Video Letters. By encouraging young students to hold a camera and explore their world through their own daily life, GVL aims to inspire social change and make connections between youth all over the world. The class spent two lessons watching short movies from other students in Brazil and Afghanistan, discovering daily life stories from countries they sometimes don't even know where to be located on a map. Experiencing life and habits of children living so far away from Cambodia, they started questioning their own reality. Now, four groups of students are getting busy to design their own storyboard. Each group has to focus on a particular aspect of life in Phnom Penh. People in the dump, as well as job and busy life in the city, Pagodas routine and monks and a presentation of Cambodian Children's Fund activities/20130717_100636 Playing with the camera as a mean to discover with bright eyes the world around them, enjoy the unexpected and overcome the hesitation to interview people in the streets are some of the goals of this project. In the next weeks the students will edit all the shooting and work on subtitles before publishing it to Global Video Letters website and share their experience with boys and girls all over the world. See other contributions to Global Video Letters on this website. MG_2745 MG_3218
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