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Star Bakery, Cooking and Pastry

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Every morning the smell of freshly cooked bread wafts enticingly from the doors of the Star Bakery. We opened the Star Bakery in November 2006 to offer our students top-level training in professional bread and pastry-making. Now, under the guidance of head chef Leang Madalin, students produce nutritionally enhanced bread for local families, as well as cookies and cakes for commercial sale.

Production and distribution of nutritionally enhanced bread benefits hundreds of families each week. Loaves are distributed informally via students when they visit their families around Steung Meanchey and neighboring provinces during weekend trips home, as well as through a more formalized allocation at our Community Centre. Bread is also distributed as attendance incentives once a week at our Satellite Schools and Daycare.

Our catering and commercial sales of cookies and cakes give students the opportunity to participate in a real business model, helping them understand sales and management roles.

In 2008, we extended training courses to Steung Meanchey local community youth, bringing exciting opportunities to young adults who previously had little or no access to education or job-skills training. Soon after, we redesigned our working space and curriculum to add lessons in restaurant food preparation, management and front-of-house service. These lessons are put into practice at Star Restaurant, where vocational trainees can get real-world experience at our restaurant.

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