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Read What Our Sponsors Have Said (No-one says it better than the sponsors themselves...)


"Becoming a CCF sponsor has added richness and dimension to my life. I am reminded that all children have the same needs, desires and dreams regardless of their background or where they live. When you sponsor a child, you show them your life, family and culture.  You have an opportunity to be a coach a mentor and a teacher all rolled into one! Writing to and receiving e-mails from the girl I sponsor has created a connection and bond of love between us. My best experience has been being able to visit CCF and spend time with my sponsored girl and all the kids at the CCF schools and centers.

The CCF Sponsorship Team works tirelessly to assure that your visit is an experience you will never forget. You will be excited and inspired to share that experience with friends and family when you return home. Thank you CCF Sponsorship Team for making my visit so special, and for all you do for both the sponsors and the kids."

- Karen McDaniels, Owner
  Happy Chakra Yoga
  Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA


"Lynn and I have been sponsoring Tith for a year and enjoy exchanging emails about his day-to-day life in Phnom Penh and hearing about his progress at school. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit CCF’s facilities in Cambodia in December 2012 and was extraordinarily impressed by the work that CCF does for children, their families, and the local community. Seeing Tith in person and being able to spend a few hours with him made being a sponsor much more real. The CCF staff I met were all enthusiastic and genuinely dedicated to improving the lives of the people they serve. I was pleased to see the scope of CCF’s activities, including a medical clinic, school, subsidized food distribution, a sewing workshop and bakery that provide job training, and the new nursery. I met Scott Neeson, who had a deep understanding of Tith’s home life and needs. CCF’s small budget provides a tremendous array of services to hundreds. Lynn and I are pleased to be monthly sponsors who make a small contribution to support CCF’s mission."

- Nick and Lynn Smirensky, Delmar, NY, sponsors of Sros Sok Tith in Sponsorship plus


"My three daughters Ashlee , Madison and Jordon sponsor Phal Chhinlong.
We are so enjoying our sponsorship of Phal Chhinlong. He is a wonderful little boy and feel a real bond with him.
We love getting his letters and think the organization is so different to other sponsorships I have done because of the regular emails we get. It really makes you feel part of their life. Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful job and to Scott for having such a kind heart to start something that will change these children's lives so much"

Cathy Mueller, Perth, Australia, sponsor of Veasna


"Becoming a sponsor has changed my life. Far from being a simple donation a month and a 8x10 for my refrigerator, the CCF has fostered a deep and loving bond with my sponsored kids. Between emails, photos, report cards and visits to Cambodia, I feel so proud watching my "kids" flourish and grow. It has changed my life as much as it has changed theirs."

- Heather Connell, Los Angeles, sponsor of Lyda and Charam


"I am extremely satisfied with CCF and the sponsor program, especially since my suggestion of doing something to help Racy's whole family "rebuilding their home" was met with such an enthusiastic and determined response. I feel as though I have entered into a responsive and very warm family. Becoming involved with CCF has brought me a greater realization of what it means to give and help those far beyond the boundaries of my homeland, and that all people, no matter how humble and downtrodden, deserve a fair and decent life."

- Albert Manganelli, New Jersey, sponsor of Ly Racy


"CCF isn't a "donate and spectate" outfit; it offers a level of involvement which is just, well, human. An example: when it was Samphas' birthday, I was able to send some money to help make that day a bit special for him - I know he was looking forward to his birthday because he told me so, in the direct, positive way you at CCF make so easy. When, a few days post-birthday, he emailed me, I was so surprised to see some photos of him with his brother and a friend, all three out and about in town with Meas from CCF, celebrating his day. To know that I, a far away 'stranger', had made that possible was a pure joy.

So, what's the experience been like? It has been a delight.

You enable people like me to expand and enrich our own lives by helping to expand and enrich the lives of others and you do it in an involving, imaginative way. It's practical and pragmatic and it has a sense of fun - I read in Samphas' emails about the joys of the ice-cream and the reported delights of the awards gatherings and prizes for the most improved students, the most helpful etc. I like it all."

- Patrick McKinlay, Edinburgh, sponsor of Samphas


"We first met our sponsor child, Sokna, when we visited CCF 1 in 2006 and she had just arrived after spending the first 14 years of her life living and working in the rubbish dump - we spotted her sitting in a corner of classroom and her look of pain and emptiness nearly broke our hearts and brought tears to our eyes, hence we wanted to do something to help.

Once we started sponsoring her we were able to directly chat to her via email (with translation from CCF staff) and were able to build a strong and very personal connection of friendship and love.

In June this year we returned to Cambodia to visit Sokna. To see her face upon arrival once again brought tears to our eyes, not from sadness this time, but from happiness as she was a totally different girl with a bright and smiling face and glowing from a year of good food and caring whilst living at CCF. She ran to us and there were lots of hugs... we met all her friends and sat in her school classes. Seeing her face of pride having us watch her during those classes was one of the most priceless experiences of my life.

I left her feeling that I'm not really giving her that much, for what she is giving me in return. It may seems a lot of money to pay for international child sponsorship compared to the big worldwide organisations, but with CCF you know exactly what is happening with every cent of your money you send and you also benefit from becoming part of the big CCF family, which doesn't have a price-tag on that feeling."

- Libby Rhys-Jones, Sydney, sponsor of Sokna


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