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Dance Party

danceAll work and no play could make CCF a very dull place – and we wouldn't want that happening! So we get people moving and shaking, showing off their latest moves at our once-a-month dance party. Each month, we invite an entire local village to our Community Dance. We start with games and entertainment for the youngsters, then dancing gets underway at 7pm for the teenagers.

The party is great fun, but it has a deeper purpose: to get people interacting with each other socially and to have them bonding in a fun way. We never miss an opportunity to teach, so at the dance each month we have a Health and Hygiene Quiz. We serve food and drinks and make sure the kids have safe transport home.


Monk Blessing and Ahimsa

monkAhimsa means kindness and non-violence towards all living things including animals. Although CCF is a secular organization, we do have a Buddhist monk come once a week to teach Buddhism, Ahimsa and Khmer customs. These classes are totally optional but we feel it's important to offer our students the opportunity to explore Cambodian religion. We find older people enjoy coming to these classes, finding them a safe environment to meet up with their neighbours.