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Where students can't go to school, we bring the school to them. Many children in Cambodia have to work part- or full-time to supplement their family's income. Some have full-time family commitments, and many simply can't afford to attend school at all. We built basic classrooms right where these kids live so they have the chance to learn without having to travel anywhere. Sometimes the classrooms are nothing more than some chairs, a tarpaulin and a blackboard, but the kids come in droves, hungry for an education. With more than 800 students attending our classes, our program is running at capacity, and we've already built more classrooms to cope with the numbers of kids desperate for an education. The classes are free and cover English, mathematics, Khmer and social studies. CCF covers the cost of all school supplies and text books. The most improved students and highest academic achievers receive monthly and annual achievement awards from CCF. 

An added bonus of having our classrooms right where these kids live is that we can get to know the family situations of each child and provide outreach services where they're needed most.

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